We were sitting on the East Porch this morning, and we saw this “thing” in the field about a half mile away.  I could not identify it, so I got my camera out, put the telephoto on, and took the below picture.  The quality is quite poor as I had to blow it up to 100% and crop, and I still have no clue to what it is.  Looks like a steer in shape, but a sheep in the front with a goat head.  If anyone wants the original, you I will send it to you.


More of The House

19Aug13_DSCF1639Sitting here listening to music drinking a Fat Tire Amber Ale, and thought I would post a few pictures of the property. One of the structures we have is a 3400 sq. ft. “shed”. The shed has 4 bays, one of which is enclosed and has a bay door as well as an inside door. Looks like the enclosed part was used as a workshop in years past.  In the coming months we will again clean up and convert the bay to a workshop, or maybe a ceramics shop for Misty.  The far right bay will be partitioned and used for livestock.  Sheep, goats, a steer or two, and maybe some other meat critters will reside there.  The other bays will house my cargo trailer and maybe my BCS tractor. 

There are 30 are or so trees of various types on the property.  Some of them I like, and some may be sacrificed 19Aug13_DSCF1657to the fireplace.   I really do not know why anyone would plant spruce trees where there is grass that needs to be mowed.  Spruce trees have sharp needles, and are not fun to mow around or under.  Then again, the front is so park-like, that it would maybe not be appropriate to kill the spruce trees in this area, but the 12 spruce in the undeveloped area are going to be either sold or cut soon, as is the Willow tree in the center of this  picture.  Willow trees are beautiful, but are a chore to maintain and mow under, and they grow to be quite huge. 

This is one of the areas that will be developed for animals. Hopefully, the Idaho 19Aug13_DSCF1648water folks will grant us water rights for this (and other) the other areas we want to develop.  If we do get water rights, we will turn this area, which is about an acre, into pasture for the animals.  If not, then we will  let the animals forage as best as possible and feed them various grasses as necessary.

Dead birds.  Anyone want a dead bird?  We have at least one dead bird show up 19Aug13_DSCF1659on the property daily.  I know the two cats catch a bird on occasion (and love to bring us near-dead birds as presents), but we have HUGE dead birds that the cats could never catch show up all of the time on the front and back lawns.  I think that the birds fly into some of the windows at night or in the early morning.  Speaking of dead birds – I will be taking either my 20 gauge or a pellet gun down to the shed to liberate (from life) some pigeons very soon.  They are creating quite a mess in the shed, and with the coming animals, need to be eliminated from the property soon.


This is our morning and late afternoon view.  You can see the shed in the distance.  This is an afternoon shot with the newly trimmed tree.  Micha and Misty trimmed the majority of the trees on the east facing portion of the property, and they look really nice, especially the rather large Willow tree that covers a portion of the driveway.  In early evenings this view is quite nice as the sun reflects off the clouds and smoke from our fires.  Also, evening and morning breezes are quite nice in this area. And, this where out BBQ and smoker are.  The only negative is this is also where the flies are.  Hopefully, the files will be be gone soon, as this a favorite dinner location.

A few other pictures: 

1.  This is another view, looking East, of where the animals will be.  Of great interest, Erik (Erick?) the Bankers house can be seen in the distance.


2.  A view of the “back” of the house.  The first window is where our bedroom is.  This is also where the garage is, and we usually use the garage as the main entrance.  This portion of the house faces South, and has a great view of the Owyhee mountains.  I really don’t know why they call them “mountains”  they really look like hills to me….  Oh well:


Thanks for reading this rather dis-jointed  post.  Better stuff later – Maybe….!

Oh  – canned 27 half-pints of salsa, and Misty did 6 pints of BBQ sauce.  Living the life!

Is The World Safe Anymore?

Look who got a bike!


And, wearing a Cabela’s hat!

A New Beginning

House_July2013_DSC_1523We have moved!  After 35 years of living in Juneau, Alaska, we have moved to Caldwell Idaho.  Below are a few pictures of the house and surrounding area.  More pictures will appear in the coming weeks as things slow down a bit. 

Oh, the picture to the left is of one of the two barn cats we inherited with the property. They live outside and sleep in the garage. Their job is simply to protect us from mice – since I have not seen any mice, I guess they are working……………….

A few statistics:  The house is 2900 square feet on 2.67 acres of land.  Water is from a well on the property, and has the capacity to irrigate the entire acreage which we are going to do once our permit is approved.  There is a 3400 square foot shed (I will get pictures later of this), at the bottom of the property.  We are on a hill overlooking the town of Marsing and the Owyhee Mountains to the south, and to the east is Boise and the remaining Treasure Valley.  The house was built in 1976, with the upstairs being remodeled in 2002.  The downstairs is original with the exception of the paint.  The downstairs is a “daylight” basement, meaning that it is surrounded on three sides by dirt (though the two basement bedrooms have windows that open), with the front having access to the outside.  This keeps the basement quite cool even on 100+ degree days.  The house has 4 bedrooms and three baths, with a huge amount of in-house storage. 

Our plans for this summer and spring are to prepare a 1/2 plus acre vegetable garden for spring, prepare for 1/4 acre grapes, plant at least 12 fruit trees, and establish a 1 acre pasture area for 3 – 4 sheep, a steer, chickens, and some other type of eating critter(s). 

The Pictures:  A few views from the back deck where we have coffee in the morning and a glass of wine or two at night:


Sunrise from the east facing desk – our alternate morning coffee spot:


A few garden type photos to include:  Misty with a mornings supply of fresh apricots (she picked over 30 pounds when she was visiting), some grapes from our grape vines, and quail eggs from the resident quail (we have a huge supply of birds in the area):


Now, for some house shots – I will do more later as we clean things up a bit – the red carpet is from the basement and is designated in the original plans as a recreation room:


Stay tuned for more pictures as I take them. 

Charles The Snitch–Gets a New Job!

Party_27Jan12_DSCF0221Well, Charles The Snitch is leaving the school district.  Charles was offered, and accepted, a job with one of the State agencies.  So, the office decided to throw a little party for him.  Albert The Assassinator Killer, Little Al The Gunman, Cecil The Tooth, and Gimpy The Gimp all showed up to wish Albert good luck and to say good bye.




Little Al The Gunman brought some alcohol, in violation of school district policy, but no one seemed to mind, and soon things started to become a bit more fun.






As you can see, the office staff is very friendly, and with alcohol, really friendly.





Albert the Assassinator Killer has a drinking and sharing problem it seems.  In this candid image, you can see that he took all the booze for himself.




Gimpy The Gimp was not amused.  Though The Gimp only has one leg, and hence the moniker “The Gimp”, he is very mobile and agile.  He gimped over to Albert and took the booze back to share with the group.  Visibly upset, Albert went over to The Gimp, and a fight ensued.




The Gimp should have known that picking a fight with Albert is not a good idea.  Albert is called The Assassinator Killer for a reason.  Primarily because he is an Assassinator Killer.  Albert’s weapon of choice is a knife.  Albert, in a fit of rage pulled out his trusty Assassinator Killer Knife!





While the others watched, Albert hacked off The Gimp’s only leg!




 Party_27Jan12_DSCF0231As Cecil, Albert, Al, and Charles look on, The Gimp, now called Roly Poly because he can only roll around, rolled onto his stomach and died.   Or did he?

Hopefully, Roly Poly will find his other leg and with the help of medical innovations, get his leg back and once again live.

As for the fate of Albert The Assassinator Killer – As usual, he escaped and his whereabouts is unknown.

Albert and Charles Go to Work


After a long Christmas holiday, Albert the Assassinator Killer and Charles The Snitch returned to work.  Charles, a new employee, was to be trained by Albert to become Albert’s assistant.  As you can see, Albert and Charles are extremely proficient and need three computers to do their work.





As you can see, computer work is extremely tiring.  Here is Albert taking a little siesta, closely watched by Charles The Snitch.




And what is Albert doing on company time with company resources?  Where is The Snitch?





Where was The Snitch indeed!  It seems that Charles was taking notes on Albert’s activities.  Charles The Snitch, snitched!  Albert was fired!

Here is Albert The Assassinator preparing for the long journey home. 

What will happen next?  Will Albert return to his assassinator ways?  What will happen to Charles?  Will assassinate become a word he becomes intimately familiar with?  Who knows. 

Stay tuned for future adventures of Albert and Charles.


From a jar of peanuts. 

I guess this is for stupid people (i.e., liberals and lawyers):


Albert – The Assassinator Killer

Albert_22Dec11_DSCF1053Albert, AKA "The Assassinator Killer", spent the day practicing what he is best at – killing the innocent!





After a few warm-up rounds of Call of Duty, The Assassinator Killer was seen choosing a new shotgun that was just a bit more efficient in killing all the “bad” guys.  Albert also managed to make Captain today, and came in third on one map with a total of 28 kills.

Here Albert can be seen getting his blood pressure checked after the stress of fragging over 150 people today.  Albert_22Dec11_DSCF1056





Visit frequently to see who Albert kills next!

Meeting With the Super….

27Jul10_West_Glacier_IMG_0224Had our meeting with the superintendent yesterday afternoon. My position, as it exists now, will not exist after this school year. And, since I am very low on the seniority ladder, I will more than likely be laid off.

Having never been laid off, or fired, in 40 plus years of work, the experience is somewhat strange. But it may provide opportunities that I have never considered.  Wow – maybe I could spend a few years on unemployment and get one of those $1.00 phones with unlimited voce and text – lifeline phones.  The same phones I have to pay $100 for each month.  Maybe being …….. could pay off…..

Tomorrow, I intend to go to the gym for the second time in two months, as I finally feel good enough to do so. Still coughing, but not that badly. Should be nice and sore next week for round 2 of testing. Plan to bottle two 5 gallon batches of beer also.

So, the image upload from my Droid, of my cat, worked. It is not a thumbnail though, but I am leaving it as is. I decided to upload the above image from home, and do this post on my phone at work. Hope the spelling is correct!