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Look who got a bike!


And, wearing a Cabela’s hat!

Bike Day

Bike_04Nov12_DSCF1466Winter is here, and I decided that I would put my studded tires on my bike.  One of the recommendations is that you ride 30 miles on dry (ice free) pavement in order to set the studs.  So, I thought I would start the process today.

My route was from my home to the Mendenhall Glacier,and around the Loop Road via the Brotherhood Bridge Trail.  The total mileage was 13.31 miles, done in a time of 1 hour, 22 minutes.  About 10 minutes of that time was spent taking a few pictures, and making a couple bike adjustments.  Temperature was about 35 degrees, and it was raining the entire ride. Thankfully, there was no wind. Over all, a good ride considering the day and the equipment.


Riding a mountain bike versus a road mike is always a slow experience, but todays ride was very slow, mainly due to the studded tires (see blurry image above).  They are very heavy and wide, with huge knobs, making the ride at least 15% less efficient, though it feels more like 25%, versus a road bike.  Even going downhill I could not get near the speed that I usually attain.  However, the ride was fun, and if I was not as wet as I was, I would have continued riding.


When I arrived at the glacier visitor center, I was approached by a women who commented that I was going to make people have epileptic fits because of my blinky light.  I have a MagicShine 808E that I keep on blink mode when I ride.  It is a bit bright, and will light up street signs over 1/4 mile away in the day time.  But, drivers do notice, and that is exactly what I want.  The woman, who may have been a bit upset about my light, was ignored, as are all such people.

Lets see if we can see my route as displayed in Google Maps:

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