Beer, New Class, and Cookies

Beer_Wit_29Jan11_IMG_0691The image on the left is of a Belgian Witbier that I bottled this past week.  It was started on the 8th of November, 2010, and spent almost two months in the primary.  I had six Coke bottles, so I thought it would be nice to have some smaller “sampler” bottles of the Wit to taste.  I also bottled a Cream Stout last week, again spending two months in the primary.  Both batches tasted exceptional when I bottled them.  The stout, make with 2 ounces of coffee beans, was quite drinkable as is.  They are now carbonating, and hopefully will be ready soon.

My next beers will be a Gruit and a Braggot.  I ordered the Herbs (Sweet Gale, Wild Rosemary, and Yarrow) yesterday.  This is the good kind of Wild Rosemary (Ledum palustre) with terpenes and all.  The Braggot will be a simple one, but the recipe is not quite set yet.  I will post the recipe when I decide on one.

On Friday, I sampled 5 of my beers: a porter – which is terrible tasting; a Belgian Blonde – which is very good; an Belgian Specialty Ale – which is good; a Robust Porter – which is also good; and a Belgian Strong Ale – which is exceptionally wonderful.  I must have had a bad water day or something similar regarding the essentially crappy tasting porter, as there is a huge band-aid taste that is not present at all in any of my other beers.  I am going to continue to bottle condition it until the end of February, and if it is not good by then, toss it and free up some bottles for my next batch.

I just started another patch of Washington Merlot – It is in the garage fermenting away.  Smells good.  I ordered a Pinot Noir for my daughters graduation.

In school news, I just registered for my first of 4 research classes – not quite sure about this…….  I may change from the Ph.D. program to the Ed.D. program – not sure about this either……. 

Some pictures of the Witbier, and of some Burnt Butter Pecan Cookies – now on my top 3 favorite cookie list:


The March to The Gallows:  I have decided that every once and a while, I would write some thoughts about the people “running” America.  The people, that when the events in Egypt happen here (and they will happen here), will be dragged from their respective houses, taken behind and wall, given a fair but speedy trial, and shot. 

Fun times for all!