POTD_09Jan12_DSCF1080We have had this orchid for about 10 years, and has finally decided to bloom.  While most of our other orchids have bloomed, this one never has, and I have no idea why.  I also have no idea why it has finally decided to bloom.  But, I am very pleased that we have not yet thrown it away, as has been discussed on numerous occasions.

Just finished another assignment in RSH9104MME – Mixed Methods ResearchPOTD_09Jan12_DSCF1082.  While the class has not been overbearingly difficult, I have been sick.  I caught a cold (or something) prior to Christmas break, which I thought I was over.  During the break however, I was once again sick and while it was not a bad cold, it was one of those colds that make it very difficult to think or concentrate.  I could not read or write, and could not complete any assignments.  Last week, maybe because of the cold, I was very tired and had a very difficult time at work and doing class.  This week though, I think I am finally over whatever it is that I had, and seem able to once again, write (and read).  

POTD_09Jan12_DSCF1084I have been receiving seed and gardening catalogs.  Even though I do not plant anything in the garden until 15 May, it is time to start thinking garden again.  I do need certain seeds to start indoors starting in February.  Some plants take up to 12 weeks prior to planting outside, and some, like cabbage and pansies, take 8 weeks.  So, spring is coming, and I am hopeful for an acceleration in global warming so all the plants don’t rot in the cold rain again.


A crappy picture of the ever elusive sun thing that occasionally shows up in these parts.

The Last of The Garden, and Eggs

Garden_16Oct2011_DSCF0054Our 5 chickens are laying about 2 – 3 eggs per day now.  Two of the chickens have not started laying, but hopefully will start soon.  It is getting darker, so I plan on installing lights in the coop and the run.  The coop light should add a bit of warmth and hopefully keep the coop dry, while the pen light is just to keep the chickens outside and busy, instead of inside the coop all day.

The last vegetables have been harvested from the garden.  The carrots were the last to go, Garden_16Oct2011_DSCF0053and they look great.  It was a good garden this year, with the exception of the potatoes, which had a lot of scab for some reason.   Everything else was fine. 

Planning for next year already, and plan for more carrots, less lettuce, more snow peas with less shelling peas.  While I still plan to plant a cabbage or two, I will plant no more than two.  More Swiss Chard and Kale, and a two week rotation of spinach and baby Bok Choy in order to keep a steady supply of those two vegetables throughout the summer.  Also, the squash will migrate from pots to raised beds again. 

Day 14–Raw Foods and the Garden

posterToday is day 14 of having only juice, nuts, and seeds.  I did have a “raw” snack bar yesterday after the gym, and despite my trepidation, it was really good.  It was a Raw Revolution Raspberry Chocolate bar stated to be 90% raw.  I will more than likely pick these up when hiking in the future.  Other than that, it is still carrots, celery, apples, oranges, lemons, and ginger.  I do have the occasional grapefruit, orange, lemon juice, but only a few times a week.

I did pick up some Chia seeds this weekend to add to my juice.  Strange little seeds that swell up and turn gelatinous when left in the juice too long.  A little motivational poster is on the left.

I was having a few energy issues the first week of my new diet, but those have past.  What I find is that while I have quite a bit more mental energy and clarity, my stamina was not as great as previously.  Yesterday and today at the gym however, all has returned to normal, and I actually did more exercises than I usually do.  So, things look good for now.  One possible negative effect is sleep.  I sleep well, but I either cannot fall asleep or I wake up early.  I also wake up very tired, but feel great by the time I leave for work.  I hope the small negatives change as I really need to sleep more, though I did wake up at 8:30 yesterday after a fairly good nights sleep.  Anyway, 16 days left before I re-evaluate my diet to see what I go from here.

The garden is almost through for the year.  We had our first frost last night, but no plants were damaged.  Garden_25Sep11_DSCF0873Planning is already underway for next year, and there will be a few modifications to what and how much is grown.  I will more than likely plant less cabbage, which I grow only because it looks good, more carrots, more spinach and baby Bok Choi, and a different type of pea.  I may plant only snow peas, or include just a row of shelling peas. 

I am currently in RSH 9102E (Research Design) at Northcentral University.  I have this class, two more research classes, an my comps to do before I start on my dissertation.  While all of my previous classes (33 hours) have been moderately difficult, the current batch of classes are becoming quite difficult.  I just turned in my Theoretical Framework paper and I have no idea what the reception will be.  And, to make motivational factors into consideration, I am not sure if this will be my last class.  At the completion of this class I can obtain another Masters, or I can decide to continue on and “attempt” my PhD.  No idea yet.

I think what is making this difficult is the complete change in thinking processes and writing style.  I feel that rather than reporting on others work, I am creating my own work.  Maybe I just need to get used to the changes. 

Oh, and I have lost 13.4 pounds in the last 14 days….

Chickens and the Garden

Chickens_11_Sep_11_DSCF0846The picture on the left is of out chicken coop and pen.  I spent last Sunday getting the chicken coop and pen ready for winter.  I covered the top of the pen with tarps, and only have the roof of the coop to cover now.  I may leave the cop on next summer, as with the rain we had since July, the pen was starting to smell.  We have had rain almost every day for the last month and a half, with just a few sunny or otherwise non-rainy days in between.  I usually put grass clippings in the pen, then rake them up the next time I mow the lawn.  However, with non-stop rain, I did not mow, and the clippings matted with chicken droppings and mud, resulting in a very bad smell.  Thankfully, it was sunny for part of last week, and I was able to clean things up.  The pen smells good again.

Two of out 5 chickens are laying.  The other three should start any week now.  My Copper Black Marans started laying last week, with a bit of a scare just prior to that.  She was a bit lethargic, shook when she closed her eyes, and had yellow poop.  After two days, she improved, and now all is well. 

Chicken and pen pictures:


A double yolk from the Marans:

The garden is slowly dying, but we still have flowers that are blooming.  I have 4 varieties of hops growing, and I have flowers.  However, they will more than likely not have time to mature, so no hops for beer this year.  Maybe next? 

Garden pics:


I am planning my garden for next Spring.  I plan to plant a bit earlier, since my vegetable garden is complete.  I will also plant at least twice the amount of carrots next year, as we are running out already.  My onions did very well, and we did not loose any to maggots, which is a first.  Potatoes were not that great this year, probably to the excessive rain we had.

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