Photo of the ?

The image below is of our property, looking toward the house from the shed.  Taken 17 January 2014. Click to expand picture.


Six Month–An Update

01Jan14_Sunrise_300_1612It has been a while since I have posted, so, to make up for that issue, here is a picture of what we see almost every morning.

The image on the left if of sunrise, 01 January 2014 – a beautiful start to the New Year. 

In the mornings, with the exception of mid December when it was cold, we usually sit outside, drink coffee, and watch the sunrise.  Sometimes it is a bit foggy, but unless it is cold, we still sit outside in the mornings.  It is pleasant, quiet, and sometime entertaining with all of the birds and other animals.  In the summer and fall, when sunrise was to early for us, we sit outside and watch the sunset and later the stars, which is equally as enjoyable and beautiful as the sunrises.

We had flowers on the plants until the end of November when we started to get hard frosts at night.  The daytime temperatures were still quite warm until the second week of December.  In December and we had a few days with negative temperatures, but most days were in the 20’s or higher.  Temperatures are once again warming, and yesterday it was in the mid-50’s and sunny.  Looking forward to Spring, and have already received part of my seed order for the vegetable garden.

Since everyone likes sunrise pictures, here is one from 28 November 2013.  As with the previous image, these were taken from our back deck where we have coffee in the mornings.  Also, the Thanksgiving Turkey, our huge (less than one inch on 07 December 2013) snowstorm results.


While I have no pictures of them (yet), besides the regular farm animals, some of the animals that have visited us are a Silver/White/Gray Fox, a few Wolves, a very large cat critter (mountain loin?) that ran across the front of the property, several types of hawks and falcons, owls, and billions of Canadian Geese, which seem to over-winter here – Geese are everywhere. 

In closing – An image of us on our annual Christmas outing:


Site Hacked

Gastineau_February_12_-0209So, my site was hacked.  Actually, it seems that many sites on Dreamhost were hacked do to some type of security error on the part of Dreamhost.  The hack affected my site as well as my daughters two sites, and while easy to fix, did take some time, as it was necessary to physically view each page, as Dreamweaver failed to replace some of the malicious code by doing a Find and Replace.

I did take my gallery off-line until I can restructure the entire gallery, and I totally eliminated my forum, as I am really not that interested in keeping up with it.  Maybe as the election draws closer I will re-establish the forum

Anyway, I will start posting back posts that I did not post because of the hack.

In other tech news, I totally fried my OS on my Win 7 notebook trying to install Mint Linux 12.  I think that Mint corrupted the MBR and I could not find Windows.  So, I took the opportunity to reformat the HD and reinstall Win 7 Pro x64 without all of the HP crap that the notebook came with.  Works better than it ever has! Now, if I can only get Rainmaker to work as it was before the format…..

So.. It Begins – Again!

MtJuneau_02Aug09_0284In April, I was notified by Google that my site was a source of malicious code, and that Google was blocking my site from its site searches.  I decided that this was a good time to re-do the site, so I deleted all posts, images, and software from my host.  Basically, I decided to start again, from the beginning.

It has taken me some time to decide in which direction I wanted to take the blog, image gallery, and forum.  Various options came up, such as politics, hiking and other exercise, cooking, politics (and the coming popular uprising), porn, cooking, and others.  Unable to decide on a defined direction, I am of the opinion that this blog, and other site features, will have no direction, and include all of the above mentioned topics and more.  More or less, a blog on what interests me at the time.

In the next few days, I will re-install the image gallery as well as the possible addition of a forum.  I would like to invite readers to email me images of any subject (as long as they are legal!) and I will post those that are interesting for others to view. 

Comments are always welcome, and I hope that you follow the blog, image gallery, and forum as things progress in the future