Whole Wheat Sourdough Bread

Bread_23Jan11_IMG_0684Whipped up two loafs of whole wheat sourdough bread this weekend. Did the starter on Friday night, made the dough Saturday, and baked it today. Very nice bread this time, especially with a bit of olive oil.

The bread uses about half whole wheat and half unbleached white flour.  I say about as I really did not accurately measure the flour.  I ground 2 cups of hard red wheat for the whole wheat part, which is probably 2 1/2 cups after grinding, and then added about 2 1/2 cups of white flour.  Then of course, water and salt.

I retarded the bread in my bannetons overnight in the refrigerator.  I think this, while not a mistake, was a bit of an error, as the bread was a bit difficult to remove from the bannetons because of the moisture sticking the bread to the banneton.  The crust, because the top crust was on the bottom?, did not develop that special crust that I usually get with retarded bread – which usually is bit more crunchy and maybe a bit bubbly.  However, the dough came out of the bannetons with no ill effects and baked up well.  Next time, I will free-form the bread and retard it in the usual manner, not using the bannetons.  And no, I am not using a cloth between my bread and the bannetons – it ruins the design.

This is what the bread looked like cut – really tasty with just the correct amount of chewiness.  Bread_23Jan11_IMG_0685

Next time I make sourdough I plan to add some rye flour, sunflower seeds, caraway seeds, poppy seeds, and maybe – maybe – a bit of honey and olive oil.  Kind of like my usual bread that I developed, but with a sour hint.

Submitted my last LTM 5006 assignment today – now I have to decide if that was my last class, or if I proceed to the research phase and complete this degree.  I really do need to make the final decision soon, as in this week, so the fun of life decisions begins again.

Meeting With the Super….

27Jul10_West_Glacier_IMG_0224Had our meeting with the superintendent yesterday afternoon. My position, as it exists now, will not exist after this school year. And, since I am very low on the seniority ladder, I will more than likely be laid off.

Having never been laid off, or fired, in 40 plus years of work, the experience is somewhat strange. But it may provide opportunities that I have never considered.  Wow – maybe I could spend a few years on unemployment and get one of those $1.00 phones with unlimited voce and text – lifeline phones.  The same phones I have to pay $100 for each month.  Maybe being …….. could pay off…..

Tomorrow, I intend to go to the gym for the second time in two months, as I finally feel good enough to do so. Still coughing, but not that badly. Should be nice and sore next week for round 2 of testing. Plan to bottle two 5 gallon batches of beer also.

So, the image upload from my Droid, of my cat, worked. It is not a thumbnail though, but I am leaving it as is. I decided to upload the above image from home, and do this post on my phone at work. Hope the spelling is correct!

Job? What job…..


The principal was kind enough to let me know this morning that my position was being eliminated at the end of the school year due to budget cuts.  So, I now have the opportunity to re-visit all of my previous research and decisions concerning finding an out of state teaching position and moving, staying in Juneau, finishing my Ph.D. program, and other already very recently decided issues.  Oh well, I had the feeling this would happen solely due to the fact that I made plans.

On the positive side, the bread I made last night is great today!  And, this is being posted using the WordPress application on my Droid. 

Testing uploading an image from Droid. It is of my now deceased cat eating something fun, like a mouse.  The cat died this summer, and it real strange being without a pet in the house.

Sourdough Bread


Bread_18Jan11_IMG_0673 It is nice to feel good again! Decided that it was time to make some more bread so I got out a sourdough starter that a neighbor gave us for Christmas.  My daughter had used it to make bread, and was good, so yesterday I got the starter out of the refrigerator and prepared it for today.  The recipe is basically the starter, unbleached white flour, salt and water, which is an unusual recipe for me, as I rarely use white flour for bread.  I usually grind my own wheat for my bread, and add other grains and seeds – see this post for an example recipe:  Make your own darn bread!.  This time I figured that I would go simple and see how it turned out.

I am sitting at my desk eating a warm piece of bread and think that it is good bread.  Not great – just good bread.  I could have cooked it for another 3 – 5 minutes, and it is not really that sour of a sourdough.  However, with a good olive oil, it is fine.

A few pics:


Last year I deleted all posts from this blog.  The blog had become political, and I wanted to stay away from that.  However, I am getting the feeling that I should bring back certain political subjects, not as a focus of this blog, but just for general interest.  In fact, to begin, I will post the following in response to idiots on both side of the isle that believe that “The People” in the 2nd amendment is meaningless.


Hope everyone has a nice day.  I get to start testing 250+ kids tomorrow!  I am now hoping for a snow day….


Misty_24th_Birthday_2010_IMG_0646This is a picture of my daughter on her 24th birthday – 29 December 2010. 

The last part of 2010 and the first few days (weeks?) of 2011 have been somewhat interesting.  Though it was my intention to post on a regular basis, I found it not possible to do.  Why?  Well……The week after Thanksgiving I volunteered to help the gym teacher with putting protective equipment and rollerblades on the kindergarteners.  When I was helping the last student, with his face about a foot from mine, and with me looking directly at him, he sneezed – in my face.  I had the thought immediately, that I was going to get sick; and I did. 

The entire next week I became more and more tired, with just enough energy to make it through the day.  That Friday, I found I had a sore throat.  On Monday the sore throat bugs moved to my sinuses.  On Friday they moved to my lungs.  The next Tuesday, after a weekend of coughing and after three nights of waking up multiple times to move because the sheets were visibly wet (from sweat….), I decided to visit the local Urgent Care – a mistake I will never again make.

At the Urgent Care facility, a nurse stuck this 4 foot long cue-tip thing up my nose to collect a sample.  It felt like she made it to the back of my skull, so who knows what was on it.  The doctor, if he really was one, said I had a virus infection and that I needed no meds – just rest.  So, after taking Monday afternoon and all day Tuesday off, I took Wednesday off also.  On Thursday, after  three days of coughing up quite a bit of blood in the mornings, I made a visit to a “real” doctor, who said I was fine – really? – and needed no drugs.  I guess coughing up blood is fine sometimes. 

I spent the next two weeks, which were my Christmas break weeks, and the two weeks that my son and daughter, as well as my son’s wife were visiting, sick.  It was difficult to walk because I could not breath.  It was difficult to talk because my coughing ruined my voice.  As for thinking – forget it.  I did manage to do research for my LTM 5006 class at NCU, but I was totally unable to format any research into a coherent final product.  So, though I planned to spend my time visiting with family, making and drinking a variety of beer and wine, cooking and eating all things unhealthy, and finishing my NCU class, I did nothing but visit.  Then again, I spent more time with my kids that I would have done if I was well, so maybe being sick was good. 

Last Monday, after a worsening of my “cold” I went to the doctors office and met with a Physicians Assistant.  I got drugs!!!  My pulse was 95 and my blood O2 was 95.  Normally my pulse is in the mid to low 50’s, and a 100% blood 02 level.  Though I am still coughing, especially at night, and my ears are plugged up so it is at times difficult to balance (which makes driving fun!), this week I am fine.  I finally submitted a paper for my class, and because all my research and drafts are complete, have another one ready for submission.  My class ends in 12 days so who knows what will happen.  Hopefully, I will finish it.

Things I have learned:  Never, NEVER, go to Urgent Care – never!  Go to the doctor when you have a problem and demand a solution.  Like in – give me the drugs!  I have basically spent the last 6 weeks sick, and have missed 7 days of work.  That is more days sick from work than the past 4 years total.

Tonight, after putting the final touches on a paper that I will submit tomorrow, I am having a beer.  A SWMBO Slayer (Belgian Blonde), and maybe even an Abbey Weiss (Belgian Specialty Ale).  I usually do not have beer or any alcohol on a work night, but I really need to sleep tonight so I can be ready for a busy Thursday.  And, I

Below are pics from the holidays.  The first is me filling up bottles of Jalapeno Wine – the wine – and the labels my daughter designed.  We gave this to neighbors and friends.