Charles The Snitch–Gets a New Job!

Party_27Jan12_DSCF0221Well, Charles The Snitch is leaving the school district.  Charles was offered, and accepted, a job with one of the State agencies.  So, the office decided to throw a little party for him.  Albert The Assassinator Killer, Little Al The Gunman, Cecil The Tooth, and Gimpy The Gimp all showed up to wish Albert good luck and to say good bye.




Little Al The Gunman brought some alcohol, in violation of school district policy, but no one seemed to mind, and soon things started to become a bit more fun.






As you can see, the office staff is very friendly, and with alcohol, really friendly.





Albert the Assassinator Killer has a drinking and sharing problem it seems.  In this candid image, you can see that he took all the booze for himself.




Gimpy The Gimp was not amused.  Though The Gimp only has one leg, and hence the moniker “The Gimp”, he is very mobile and agile.  He gimped over to Albert and took the booze back to share with the group.  Visibly upset, Albert went over to The Gimp, and a fight ensued.




The Gimp should have known that picking a fight with Albert is not a good idea.  Albert is called The Assassinator Killer for a reason.  Primarily because he is an Assassinator Killer.  Albert’s weapon of choice is a knife.  Albert, in a fit of rage pulled out his trusty Assassinator Killer Knife!





While the others watched, Albert hacked off The Gimp’s only leg!




 Party_27Jan12_DSCF0231As Cecil, Albert, Al, and Charles look on, The Gimp, now called Roly Poly because he can only roll around, rolled onto his stomach and died.   Or did he?

Hopefully, Roly Poly will find his other leg and with the help of medical innovations, get his leg back and once again live.

As for the fate of Albert The Assassinator Killer – As usual, he escaped and his whereabouts is unknown.

Sunshine and On to the Concept Paper

POTD_14Jan12_DSCF0206The past few days have been clear, and cold. Single digit temperatures  during the day, and a few degrees below zero at night, at first I was worried about the chickens.  However, the chickens are doing great, though they do look a bit ragged in the morning. 

The only thing that I am doing differently with the chickens is that I am feeding them an extra time during the night to ensure that they have a full crop when they go in to the coop to sleep.  No heat is being provided to the chickens, as they come with a nice down coat and are perfectly capable of surviving single digit above and below zero temperatures.  The coop is big, dry, and draft free, with adequate ventilation to eliminate excess moisture from regular chicken activities (like breathing and pooping, the two main activities of chickens).  Still getting large egg counts form the chickens also – another indication they are doing well in the low temperatures

Finished RSH 9103MME – Mixed Methods Research – today.  Submitted my final paper, and just waiting for a grade.  My next course is RSH 9104E – Concept Paper, and is the last “normal” course prior to comps and the dissertation sequence.  I came very close to withdrawing from 9104 and simply receiving another Masters, but have decided to continue towards my PhD (or EdD depending on how I structure my dissertation topic).  Sometimes, I just want to take a break and not have to worry about having to submit another assignment.  However, maybe with a bit better time management, I can have time to do the activities I want, and also have time for school.  So, depending on successfully passing comps, I will go on with the rest of the program.

Oh – I am picking my dissertation committee this week also – Fun times!

Picture of the ? – Small Egg

Found the little egg in the nest today.  Even though it is quite small, I am still counting it as one (whole) egg. 



POTD_09Jan12_DSCF1080We have had this orchid for about 10 years, and has finally decided to bloom.  While most of our other orchids have bloomed, this one never has, and I have no idea why.  I also have no idea why it has finally decided to bloom.  But, I am very pleased that we have not yet thrown it away, as has been discussed on numerous occasions.

Just finished another assignment in RSH9104MME – Mixed Methods ResearchPOTD_09Jan12_DSCF1082.  While the class has not been overbearingly difficult, I have been sick.  I caught a cold (or something) prior to Christmas break, which I thought I was over.  During the break however, I was once again sick and while it was not a bad cold, it was one of those colds that make it very difficult to think or concentrate.  I could not read or write, and could not complete any assignments.  Last week, maybe because of the cold, I was very tired and had a very difficult time at work and doing class.  This week though, I think I am finally over whatever it is that I had, and seem able to once again, write (and read).  

POTD_09Jan12_DSCF1084I have been receiving seed and gardening catalogs.  Even though I do not plant anything in the garden until 15 May, it is time to start thinking garden again.  I do need certain seeds to start indoors starting in February.  Some plants take up to 12 weeks prior to planting outside, and some, like cabbage and pansies, take 8 weeks.  So, spring is coming, and I am hopeful for an acceleration in global warming so all the plants don’t rot in the cold rain again.


A crappy picture of the ever elusive sun thing that occasionally shows up in these parts.

Night Sky

The moon through a thick fog layer at 9:50PM.


Taken with Fuji H20 in night mode with available light (highly filtered moon light) only. 

Chickens and Eggs

POTD_04Jan12_DSCF0193Our 5 chickens managed to produce 137 eggs during the month of December, which equals 4.419354838709677 per day.  I an very happy with this number, especially considering that it is winter and egg production sometimes suffers in colder weather.  It seems that the mix of spent beer grain, layer food, and some vegetable scraps are a good diet for the chickens.  I am sure that the outside light also helps.  The light is on from  6:30 AM to 10:15 PM.  There is a small 15 watt light in the coop that is also on during those hours.



As for treats, the picture on the right is of the chickens having some heart healthy Cheerios!  At first, they had no idea what do to with the cereal, but they really liked the Cheerios. 



Next post – Summer Plans!

Albert and Charles Go to Work


After a long Christmas holiday, Albert the Assassinator Killer and Charles The Snitch returned to work.  Charles, a new employee, was to be trained by Albert to become Albert’s assistant.  As you can see, Albert and Charles are extremely proficient and need three computers to do their work.





As you can see, computer work is extremely tiring.  Here is Albert taking a little siesta, closely watched by Charles The Snitch.




And what is Albert doing on company time with company resources?  Where is The Snitch?





Where was The Snitch indeed!  It seems that Charles was taking notes on Albert’s activities.  Charles The Snitch, snitched!  Albert was fired!

Here is Albert The Assassinator preparing for the long journey home. 

What will happen next?  Will Albert return to his assassinator ways?  What will happen to Charles?  Will assassinate become a word he becomes intimately familiar with?  Who knows. 

Stay tuned for future adventures of Albert and Charles.

The Crew Goes Back to Work

Albert The Assassinator Killer and Charles The Snitch prepare to go back to work after a two week Christmas Break:


Picture of the ?

Pizza Dough