Site Hacked

Gastineau_February_12_-0209So, my site was hacked.  Actually, it seems that many sites on Dreamhost were hacked do to some type of security error on the part of Dreamhost.  The hack affected my site as well as my daughters two sites, and while easy to fix, did take some time, as it was necessary to physically view each page, as Dreamweaver failed to replace some of the malicious code by doing a Find and Replace.

I did take my gallery off-line until I can restructure the entire gallery, and I totally eliminated my forum, as I am really not that interested in keeping up with it.  Maybe as the election draws closer I will re-establish the forum

Anyway, I will start posting back posts that I did not post because of the hack.

In other tech news, I totally fried my OS on my Win 7 notebook trying to install Mint Linux 12.  I think that Mint corrupted the MBR and I could not find Windows.  So, I took the opportunity to reformat the HD and reinstall Win 7 Pro x64 without all of the HP crap that the notebook came with.  Works better than it ever has! Now, if I can only get Rainmaker to work as it was before the format…..

Hiking–a New Season


Have started hiking again, after a very disappointing winter of absolutely no hikes of any kind since the end of October.  The trails are still very slick, with between a few inches to a few feet of snow and ice.    

Because of the ice, and slippery snow, I usually wear Stabilicers.   My last pair of Stabilicers lasted 3 years, with it only necessary to replace some of the screws on occasion.   Because the straps were starting to fray, I bought a new pair this year, but also purchased a pair of Kahtoola Microspikes. 

I used the Microspikes for my first hike, and all I can say is that I absolutely love them.  They are much lighter than the Stabilicers, and also more stable on wet snow.  The Stabilicers always slipped on wet snow, as they have no real spikes that help stabilize shoes and prevent slipping.  One are of concern was the Microspikes slipping on my boots.  However, when on an icy slope there was absolutely no slippage, and stayed perfectly on the boots.  I still like my Stabilicers, but will use my Microspikes from now on, especially on wet snow.West_Glacier_Mar12_-0291

The above picture is of the trail at the beginning of the hike, while the picture on the right is of the “trail” on the way back.  The sun had set, but there was still a bit of light left.  Thanks to daylight savings time, most of my hiking will be in the light.