Planting the Garden–Finally!

Garden_20Jul12_DSCF1257Today, I was finally able to get into the garden and plant the majority of my plants and seeds.  Though 5 days later than my normal planting date, I feel that the garden will do well this summer.  Usually, actually always, I plant on the 15th of May.  This year, due to the weather, I had to delay until today.  Actually, since I purchased my first hose in 1984, this has been the first time I have not planted on the 15th of May.

A few things went wrong this year as far as the garden is concerned.  My zucchini is still too small to plant outside.  I think that because of the cold, it has simply stopped growing.  The zucchini is in the (fake) greenhouse getting warm and hopefully growing.  My cucumbers have suffered because of the cold, wet weather.  They actually died.  So, I am replanting them tomorrow.  My tomatoes are OK.  Not good and not bad.  I transplanted them and they are in the greenhouse also. 

The problem this year is that the weather has been unusually cold and wet.  While I plant all of my seeds inside, on the 1st of May I take them all outside, and place them in a portable cold frame type device,  in order to harden off.  May is usually warm and the plants grow and become used to the outside, but not this year.  Interestingly, the lettuce is smaller than usual, and lettuce likes the cold.  Oh well, all will workout.

What went right is the cabbage – it is huge! I guess it really liked the cold weather, as all of the brassica’s did quite well.  The herbs, including rosemary, oregano, parsley, and cilantro did well also, as did all of my flowers.  Interestingly, despite the cold weather, my nasturtiums have performed unusually well; they are over a foot long already.  Of course, my pansy’s are as usually, beautiful – almost ready to bloom.  Garden_20Jul12_DSCF1248

What was also done this year: A new garden addition, as you can see in this picture.

In this area, my daughter and her boyfriend are establishing a small garden of their own, including potatoes, a variety of herbs, and strawberries.

The below image is of the entrance to the main garden.  Because of the new garden addition, I needed to rewire the electric fence.  I used a new spool of wire that is stringer, and has more exposed wires than the old fence.  Hopefully, it will keep deer, dogs, cats, and other critters out of the garden this year.



Oh, and the fake greenhouse is pictured on the right.  It is a reinforced plastic fabric over a metal frame.  It seems strong and has survived some strung winds so far.  I will be growing tomatoes and cucumbers in the greenhouse. 

I still have some plants to plant, and will do that throughout the week.  I also need to fund room to plant a bit of an experiment.  I am trying to see if oats, wheat, spelt, and barley will grow here.  Is they, or one of the grains, grow here, I may plant a large plot of them next year. 


On the left is picture of some of the primrose flowers.  The picture, actually 

all of the pictures, suffered a bit from a heavy overcast we had today.  I will take clearer pictures if the sun ever comes out this summer.