Frost and Beans


As can be seen in this rather poor image of the house, it is the 3rd of November and the flowers are still blooming. 

We are pretty much done with gardening now, and are simply waiting for Spring and planting.  The new garden areas that I have prepared include a 1,000 square foot grape growing area, a 4,550 square foot general garden area, enough space for 20 new fruit trees, and a 180 square foot onion area.  We will also be doing a separate squash/pumpkin area in the Spring or late Winter.  Work on the Chicken Coop is being delayed until I decide what type of design I want – I keep changing the design.  It will be done before Spring though.  I hope.

We woke up on the 3rd and saw that the hill in the distance were white with frost.  The camera did not capture 03Nov13_DSCF2040it well, but it was quite pretty.  As I have said previously, I need to quit using my point and shoot, and start using my real camera.  At the house, the temperatures are still in the mid to upper 50’s during the day, with the occasional mid 60’s day, while nights range from the lower to mid 30’s.  Quite comfortable and no snow or hard frost yet. 

The only other new thing is that I canned another 18 jars of baked beans, and they are quite good.  We are starting to be able to limit our shopping items to dairy, vegetables, sugar, and flour products such as white flour and masa.  We now buy almost no processed (canned) goods.  Tortilla chips are the exception – have to have tortilla chips.  Hopefully, next year we will be able to eliminate the need to shop for vegetables also.  No plans for a cow yet – but maybe…….a goat……