Hiking in the Wilson Creek Area

10June2015_BeerSixty-one bottles of Cream Stout – My favorite beer recipe!  It spent 3 months 3 weeks in primary, but tasted very good when I bottled it, so I am hoping for a great beer when it is done carbing.  With the end of the school year, the kids getting me sick, and the garden, I simply did not have the time or energy to bottle. 

Just thought I would add a few images of a few of our short (6 –8 mile) hikes in the Wilson Creek area. 

We have been to Wilson Creek four times this year, each time trying to hike a different path.  In February, our first hike, there were no other people and we did a short 8 mile circuit.  While the trails are mostly marked with trail numbers, they do not necessarily correspond to the map that is provided (for free).  However, it is (almost) impossible not to find your way back to the main parking area.  The area is well laid out, with bathrooms in the parking area.  The area is used by hikers, cyclists, ATVers, and people riding horses, with some trail restrictions to keep everything friendly. 


While there was little wild life other than two herds of wild horses in the winter, there are now thousands of lizards that just love to run right in front of you while you are hiking and not paying attention.  I have seen 4 kinds of lizards, including the one on the right. 

We found a nice place to get out of the rain, if it ever rains, close to the end of the trail.  The area is so different from what we are used to in Juneau, but it, it nice being in an open area, seeing for miles, and watching the small and large animals as the seasons progress.

10June2015_Hike2 10June2015_Hike3 10June2015_Hike4

The Beginning of Summer

Flashjpg_Page1The image on the left shows the final garden layout as planted (using Garden Planner), with the exception of the corn.  My germination rates for the corn was about 20%, so I needed to do a second planting/replanting.  I did the replanting a bit closer than before, and I staggered in a zig-zag pattern in order to have more corn and to provide support for when it is windy.  Wind damage was a huge problem last year.  The newly planted corn is coming up now, so I am expecting a good corn year.

The garlic is growing quite well, and the garlic scapes were harvested (and eaten) last week.  I am turning off the water to the garlic, and will check it in about 4 weeks to see if is ready for harvest.  A quick look underground revealed some nice large bulbs!10June2015_Garden  There are about 186 or so garlic bulbs planted, which should last us for a while.  I plan on saving a portion to replant, as garlic bulbs for planting are quite expensive. 

The image on the right is of our over-wintered onions and the potatoes.  The onions are going to seed, and since I have never done this, I have no idea what will happen, other than I will get some onion seeds.  Overall, we planted over 120 new onion plants, including a red, yellow, and sweet.  I also planted about 100 green onions.  Next year, I will be planting Walla Walla Onions in the fall rather than in the spring, in order to obtain larger onions.  I actually did not know that you could fall plant them. 


The potatoes now have a layer of mulch around them for protection from the heat and for better water retention in the soil. The potatoes suffered a bit last year from dryness, and I hope to dramatically increase the yield this year with the mulch and the new irrigation system.   The mulch will be extended to much of the garden, with the future plan to establish a no (or limited) till garden.  For now, however, we do need to get some organics into the soil, as it is fairly poor, and I have yet to see a worm in the soil when digging. 

As for the irrigation system, it is working wonderfully well, and we are seeing an increase in yields already.  So far, we have harvested over 30 pounds of really large and sweet strawberries, as well as other berries, and now snap peas.  Overall, the garden looks healthier, the plants are bigger, and I am using over 50 percent less water than last 10June2015_Garden3year. 

The image on the right is of out Egyptian Walking Onions and Garlic Chives that are in the herb garden.  The Walking Onions are fun to watch grow.  We are leaving them alone for now, hoping to find a place to plant more in the future.

The image below left is of the garlic (on the left) and the onions (on the right).


One thing I did is move my three hops plants into the main garden.  They were simply not happy where they were, and the only place that has water and support this year is the garden. 

Miscellaneous:  Hatched 3 chickens in January – All three turned out to be males.  They, plus one other year old rooster, and now part of the freezer inventory.  Our main rooster, who kept the others in line, died, and the others simply started tearing up the hens.  They will now soon be broth.