One Month–One Day

13Aug13_DSCF1600Corn is coming into season, so we decided to give the local corn a try.  On the 12th we purchased 60 ears of corn, froze 57, and ate three.  We found the corn to be not as sweet as store corn, but far, far fresher (it was picked the day we bought it), and very much better than the overly modified and overly sweet store corn.  It was so good that the next day (on the 13th) we went back and purchased another 60 ears to freeze. A bit of work, but well worth it.

The corn was 12.50 per 60 ears, so a total of $25 for 120 ears – not bad. 

We also ordered a side of beef and a whole pig.  That was a somewhat interesting experience as we tried to figure out what cuts we wanted and how thick our steaks will be.  We decided we wanted the bones and tail for soup….  Oh, the best part is that the price per pound is $2.89.  Going to be eating $2.89 Filet Mignon!

The meat will be vacuum packed and we will pick it up in 2 to 3 weeks.   Unfortunately it is not grass finished, but with all that is going on, we have been too busy to search for and research the local growers.  However, the butcher and supplier have excellent reputations and have been in business for years.  Next year we will buy grass fed and finished animals, and more than likely begin raising our own steer(s).

Plan to do a lot of smoking and jerky making, as well as sausage making.

Some corn pics:


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