Apricot Wine

14Aug13_DSCF1667An earlier post mentioned that we picked quite a few pounds of apricots from our two trees. I estimated over 40 pounds, and I am now sure that it is over 50 pounds. Anyway, I need some wine to fill the Bearded Hen Cellars, so I decided on doing a Merlot (from a kit) and a nice Apricot Wine.

Usually, I plan on 4 pounds of fruit per gallon of wine.  However, this time I decided that I wanted to go a bit more intense without going overboard.  My final calculations put the fruit at 4.833 pounds per gallon.  The biggest delay in starting the wine was the decision on what yeast to use.  I finally settled on Côte des Blancs, as I want a bit of sweetness with this wine, and if I did this right, it will be perfect.

The biggest issue I can potentially have is the sugar content of the fruit not being the “average” of 9.1%.  I need a refractometer, and I thought I ordered one with my last order, but I guess I didn’t.  So, I am going to order one in the next week or two.  I am looking at this one:  Refractometer ATC with Brix and SG Scale as I would like a better way to measure my wort when I am making my beer and for fruit when I am making wine.  This will be even more important when we start growing and harvesting our own grapes.  Besides, with an SG scale, it will be a lot better than dropping my hydrometer in the wort – far more sanitary also.

Now for the fun part – the recipe!


Volume: 6 Gallons
Calculated SG:  1.110
Expected ABV:  13%


12 lbs. – White Sugar
29 lbs. – Apricots (assuming 9.1% sugar Content)


2 each packet – Red Star Côte des Blancs


6 ea. – Campden Tablets 24 hours prior to pitching yeast.
1 tsp. – Peptic Enzyme
1 tsp.- Acid Blend
3/4 tsp. – Wine Tannin
3 tsp. – Fermaid-K – prior to pitching yeast and at 1/3 sugar break

Pitched yeast at 0700, 12 August 2013 and fermentation was visible by that night.  Punching down cap twice a day, the fruit is pretty much dissolved, and the liquid is a very nice orange color.  Smells great too!  I am actually thinking of some clear bottles for presents. 

I plan to rack to secondary on the 21st, and leave there for at least two months. 


Have fun!

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