Grandma’s Chili Sauce and Ants

16Aug13_DSCF1662Oh Look! ANTS! Yes. We have a lot of ants on the property.  I have been using a commercial poison, but today we decided that we would try a more natural remedy and mixed up some Borax, Sugar, and Water.  We soaked cotton pads in the mixture and let the ants have a taste.  In the next few days we will know if it worked.

On other news:  We were at one of the local produce stands and saw that they had 16Aug13_DSCF1607tomatoes for $15.00 per half-bushel (minimum of 20 pounds).  We decided to get them, as well as a few other items, and I decided that it was finally time to make my mothers Chili Sauce.  The tomatoes were not the pretty uniform tomatoes you find in grocery stores, but blemished and a bit rough looking.  However, when cutting them open, they were simply beautiful and smelled like real tomatoes. 

I used my 7 quart Kitchen Aid Commercial mixer with the 16Aug13_DSCF1619strainer attachment to separate the pulp and juice from the skin and seeds. It seemed to to a great job, and do it rather quickly.  I then used the grinder attachment with the smaller holes to grind onions, bell peppers, hot chili peppers, and garlic.  Again, the process was quick and the grinder left enough of the products intact that you could see small chunks of vegetables. 

I boiled the mixture for 4 hours on low heat and then let sit over night.

The next morning I canned 18 pints using 12 pounds for 75 minutes.  I know I could have done a water bath, but I did not do so in order for further integrate the little chunks that I am not really a fan of.  Plus, I really feel that for long term storage, pressure canning is far superior to a water bath.  All of the jars sealed and all is well.  16Aug13_DSCF1622

This is a picture of the setup I was using, but with the strainer cover off.  It worked quite well, and the skins and seeds were pretty dry, as most of the pulp was separated. 

This weekend I will be making a Abrol Chili Salsa with the remaining tomatoes as well as two huge packs of Abrol Chili’s which I spent hours stemming and seeding yesterday and today.  I am thinking that I will get around 30 half-pint jars from the process.

Since I have two leftover pictures, here are pictures of a tomato and one of the onion/pepper mixture that I did in the grinder – Oh, I almost forgot!  A picture of the final product too:


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