Three Crop Ale & Flies

20Aug13_DSCF1674They say that Idaho is famous for its potatoes. It is the Potato State, or home of the famous potato, or something similar. However, since being here now for close to three months, I am wondering where are all the potatoes?  I see corn, and a lot of it, sugar beets, mint, and a few other things, but no potatoes.  I think it is time to rename Idaho – to The Fly State!  Why the Fly State?  Read on…

Take a look to the left.  That is a picture of 1.5 days of flies on one of my three fly strips.  This is in the garage after leaving the garage door open for less than 4 hours total.  I have never seen so many flies anywhere.  Maybe they are famous Idaho Potato Flies.  They just left the “fly” off.  Oh well….

I brewed my first batch of beer yesterday.  I wanted to do something easy to see how my new location worked and how the well water would affect the beer, and with the limitations I have, it worked out well.  One thing this property does not have is a sink in the garage.  This makes cleaning and obtaining water somewhat of a chore.  I have decided that I am going to purchase a sink that I will keep outside for cleaning, and will attach a water quality hose for water, as I do not want to have garden hose water in my beer and wine. 

To the right is my set-up – it is simple and easy to work with, and very similar to what I had in Juneau.  The 20Aug13_DSCF1671only difference is that I have a stronger table that will hold the weight of the equipment and the water/wort.  I also purchased a half-inch raking siphon, which I like for fast transfers, but it is somewhat of a pain to prime where there is not a lot of liquid.  I ended up transferring more turb than I wanted as I had to re-prime the siphon and it was a bit of a task, resulting in a lot of disturbance in my brew pot.  Then again, I have on occasion simply dumped my brew bucked into the fermentation chamber with no ill effects, so all will workout fine.

Now for the beer recipe- Click here for original recipe and discussion thread:  Cream of Three Crops (Cream Ale).  I have brewed this a few times before and liked it as a nice lawn mower beer, so here it is again with the addition of Williamette hops. 


Boil Size: 6.75 gallons
Batch Size:  5.10 gallons
IBU’s:  34.4 (a bit on the high side for this pseudo-style, but should be fine.)


36.5% – 3 lbs 9.9 oz. Brewers Malt 2-row
33.3% – 3 lbs 5.5 oz. Belgian Pilsner
20.1% – 2 lbs Flaked Corn
10.1% – 1 lb Flaked Rice (Minute Rice)


1 oz. – Fuggles (pellet – 15.5 IBU’s) – 60 minutes
1 oz. – Williamette (pellet – – 18.9 IBU’s) – 60 minutes


1 pk – Nottingham (Lallemand)

I put the yeast in the bottom of the fermenter and racked on top of it.  Fermentation started a few hours later and is going strong now. 

And, a picture of my brew pot and the view I have when doing my boil:


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