Mowing the Lawn

21Aug13_DSCF1677Racked the Apricot Wine today, and as you can see in the image on the left, there is still a huge amount of sediment that will need to fall out, so it will in the secondary for at least 6 weeks. It smells great, and I obtained exactly 6 gallons of liquid, so all should work out well for this one. I did not get an SG, as there was simply too much stuff floating around to be accurate. I will worry about SG in 6 weeks.

In other fun news, I mowed the lawn again today.  Mowing the lawn is a fairly intensive process, and I really wanted to see how many miles I walked when I mowed.  So, I slipped on my Polar RCX5 heart rate monitor and GPS.  According to the Polar GPS, I walked 3.87 miles mowing the lawn.  It took 2 hours, 22 minutes, and 38 seconds.  I also burned ~1385 calories.  I have attached the path I took while mowing the lawn.  The paths to the field are of me emptying the grass catcher.  While it is a large lawn to mow with a hand mower, today was great weather-wise, and it was very enjoyable.  Looks great too!


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