Granite Creek – 31 Jul 10

 Granite_Creek_31Jul10_IMG_0247Went for a short hike yesterday, to Granite Creek. The hike was a total of 9.15 miles, with a total ascent of 1660 feet, and a total elevation of 1539 feet (where we stopped).   Because of berries, bears, porcupines, a duck, and a lot of Salmon Berries, the hike took us 4 hours 35 minutes. 

This is our second time on Granite Creek this year, the first being in the early spring, when there was still a lot of snow and ice on the trail.  Looking at my exercise log from last year shows that I was there 14 times by this time last year.  My hiking experiences this year have been very limited unfortunately.  However, I intend to make up for my lack of hiking by changing my gym program from a 5 day split routine to a three day full body routine.  That will give me time to hike after work rather than going to the gym.  This is going to be especially important in the winter.  Last winter we hiked only a couple of times because we were always at the gym.  This winter I intend to hike at least 3 times per week, and also include a few overnight backpacking trips.  Should work out.  Hopefully.

As for the hike.  It was a cloudy day with off and on drizzle from almost the start of the hike.  However, because of the humidity it was best that we did not wear out rain jackets, as we would have been wetter inside the jackets than out.  At least when we walked the water could evaporate.  Our plans were to take Granite Creek to Mt. Juneau, but because of the weather (and because we were hiking so slowly) we decided to turn back early.

On the way back, we saw a bear who was busy eating berries and paying absolutely no attention to us. 

Granite_Creek_31Jul10_IMG_0291 Granite_Creek_31Jul10_IMG_0292

A few more pictures on a foggy, drizzly day:

Granite_Creek_31Jul10_IMG_0249 Granite_Creek_31Jul10_IMG_0248 Granite_Creek_31Jul10_IMG_0252

More pics in the image gallery!

Total hiking mileage for the week of 24 – 31 July 2010:  26.5.

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