Quail, Thunder, and Dinner

27Aug13_DSC1575Another picture of our barn cat.  This is a very sweet cat that is really good at catching critters.  

The quail eggs that we had on the property hatched, and for the past few weeks we have watched the chicks become almost full grown.  The original batch of quail chicks was 12, and there are between 10 and 11 left, but it is hard to tell how many there really are.  There are a few other herds of quail that wander through the property also, and they are quite entertaining to watch.  They rarely fly, but walk and run to get around.  The images below look a bit off – I need to change the settings that I had for the low light in Juneau, and take off the Vivid settings which are a bit too vivid for this area.


We had a thunder storm a few nights ago – and 10 or so seconds of rain.  The image on the left is looking Southeast, and the next image is looking Southwest – both images were taken seconds apart.


If anyone is ever lacking in carbs – make Spaghetti Bread.  


Half-way into making the bread my oven died, so the top is not brown.  However, the bread was done and it tasted great.  Next time I will use meatballs and sauce, leaving out the pasta.  Really, way too much starch for even me.  Oven was fixed yesterday.  Seems a fuse blew. 

Site News:  Some things, like the forum and gallery, do not work – they will be fixed soon.  The SacCam Java applet that controls the image on the main page is again not working.  It seems that the JavaCam.class will not function properly in IE, and I really am not in the mood to fix it just to have it break again with the next update.  Therefore, I will probably provide a link to a page with the image, or simply a link to the SacCam image.  Here is the link for now – this is looking out of the computer room window (which is dirty) and facing Northeast:  SacCam  Refresh is 20 seconds.

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