Moo Cow–Meat and More

03SEP13_DSCF1730To the left is an image from the back deck.  In the past two days we have had a dust storm, a rain storm, and now simply heavy winds with beautiful clouds.  It has really been a nice couple of days.

Picked up 300 plus pounds of fresh beef from the butcher today (our pig comes later this week). With all of that meat, and with the great selection of cuts available for meals, it was a bit difficult to decide what we wanted for dinner. Finally, I remembered Michas’ Miracle Chicken Cooker that she purchased in Seattle on the way down from Alaska, so we decided to make short ribs.

The “Miracle Chicken Cooker” is actually an electric pressure cooker that can also be used for fermentation of soy beans, garlic, dairy products (for yogurt), and other items Asians like to ferment.  What I think it excels at is cooking chicken , and tonight, short ribs.

All the various functions are already programmed, so it is simply a matter of following directions and pressing 03SEP13_DSCF1702buttons.  However, the directions are in Korean and an interestingly translated English, while all of the buttons are in Korean.  Makes life fun I suppose.  To the right is the pressure cooker with a chicken ready to cook.  We usually get four cups of broth from this, some of which we freeze for later use.  

Anyway, to make the ribs I used about 1/2 cup soy sauce, a few tablespoons dark brown sugar, 1/4 cup or so of red wine, ground pepper, 10 cloves of garlic, a splash of raw honey, a tablespoon of corn starch, one onion and one carrot.  I pressed the correct button and added 30 minutes to the time, and two hours thirty minutes later we had some great tender and moist short ribs.


The sauce that was produced was also excellent over the brown rice we also made.  In fact, we had 3 cups left over that will be used as a gravy on potatoes or on corn bread.  Look left!

In other news:  Took the BCS tractor for a test today using the sickle bar mower attachment.  It did an excellent job, and after a bit of learning how to control the BCS, it was quite easy.  I may try the rototiller attachment tomorrow or the next day, as the ground should be a bit softer due to the rain.   

Below is a plate of ribs and some tomato sauce.


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