4Aug13_DSCF1741Thought that it was time that Grey Cat got a bit of exposure – So, here he is.

We picked up our pig a few days ago.  I told the butcher shop that I did not want them to cure the pork belly, as I wanted to make bacon for myself.  So, on Friday, I took out 12 pounds of the belly and applied a cure to it.  Simply used salt (with the appropriate nitrates), brown sugar, and maple syrup.  I will let it cure for 7 days, soak it in water to remove excess salt, then smoke and package it up for later use.  Not quite sure what type of wood I will use for the smoke, but am thinking a mixture of hickory and cherry wood.  4Aug13_DSCF1765

I also put some of our T-bone steaks on the grill.  They were quite good as the flavor was sweet and fresh, and the meat was very moist and juicy.  What I did not like was the amount of connective tissue in the steak, as it made the steak a bit tough.  Not real tough, but enough that we all noticed.  I am not disappointed, as the taste was great and made up for any toughness, but I am a bit not happy.  We will see what the other cuts are like (the ground beef was fantastic!).


Oh goody, a steak picture.  Notice how fresh the steak looks?  Nice white fat and non-chemically enhanced flesh.

We had a rain/thunder storm three days during the past week.  Quite a bit of rain and lightning, but the area really needed the rain, and as the skies are clear, the rain may have put out some of the fires we were experiencing. 

The image to the right is during a clearing moment during one of the storms.  This is just one example of the type of clouds that appeared as we were sitting on the side deck watching the 4Aug13_DSCF1733lightning.  Almost every day and night brings something new and beautiful to us as we sit or walk outside.

The temperatures have also cooled off a bit, and we are now at a very comfortable mid-80’s range during the day, and in the upper 50’s to lower 60’s at night.  Very nice to be out doing yard work or just walking around.

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