Flowers and Birds

8Aug13__DSC1587Micha as she was cleaning and burning some of the brush from around the property.  We still have many days of burning left, as well as weeks of cleaning up under the various trees we have.  Apparently, the previous owner was trying to create a forest for the birds and animals, which is cute.  However, they never cleared out any of the dried weeds or pine needles, which are a huge fire hazard, not to mention a spider and bug paradise.  We may eliminate some quail habitat by cleaning, but we will leave enough behind that they will be able to still find quite a bit of nesting ground. 

It was a bit too bright to take pictures of the roses, but I figured that I had some spare time after mowing the lawn and did not know when I would have another chance, so here are some a few pictures of some of our roses:

8Aug13_DSC15948Aug13_DSC1591 8Aug13_DSC1595

And, an image of an injured woodpecker:


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