Hiking the Owhyee’s

11Sep13_DSCF1794Decided that we needed a bit of outside time, so Misty, Micha, and I went to the Owyhee Mountains in Oregon, a bit east of Rockville.  Our intent was to do some rock hunting for agate, jasper, geodes, and petrified wood, but the majority of the day was spent hiking to various outcrops that were usually on hill tops.  This made for a tiring, but fun day.  Next time will be dedicated to rock hunting.

The image on the left is of, well, cows.

No narrative, just images: 


11Sep13_DSCF1800    11Sep13_DSCF1805    11Sep13_DSCF1795

The center image is of when Misty found a friend – it slithered in front of her and took up position here:

11Sep13_DSCF1825    11Sep13_DSCF1822    11Sep13_DSCF1808

More scenery:

11Sep13_DSCF1814    11Sep13_DSCF1817     11Sep13_DSCF1825


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