Bacon–Part II

4Aug13_DSCF1765Remember the bacon post – I mentioned I was curing pork belly in preparation for making bacon?  Well, the bacon is done, and it is outstanding.

I cured the bacon for 7 days, and reviewing the recipe, discovered that I had used a bit too much salt in the cure.  I decided that rather than simply rinsing the cure off, that I would soak the belly in water for an hour and a half to push some of the salt out.  So, the night before the smoke session, I took the bacon out, soaked it in water, and put it in the refrigerator overnight to dry.

The next morning I fired the Bradley up and preheated it to 120.  After it was heated, I put the two slabs (one side) in the Bradley and applied 4.5 hours of a Cherry and Hickory wood smoke.  After the smoke, I increased the pit temperature to 160 and waited until the bacon reached an internal temperature of 150.  About the time 150 degrees was reached, my ProCom4, which controls the pit temperature and displays the meat temperature, decided to give inaccurate readings, again.  As we have a lot of meat to smoke and make into sausage, I am looking into purchasing a new model of the ProCom4, as it is quite useful, if not essential, when trying to produce a stable and accurate temperature.  Apparently, the new model can be controlled via smart phone or computer.

Because the proper temperature was attained, I took the bacon out, let it cool, and sliced it in 1/4 to 1/2 inch slices.  Each slice weighed about 4 ounces.  Cooked up a slice and shared it – it was wonderful and not salty at all.  Simply great bacon.

Drool over these if you will:

14Sep13_DSCF1840    14Sep13_DSCF1846


  1. Jared
    September 20th, 2013 | 1051.22

    WOW looks amazing I need to get down there.

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