Granite Creek Hike, and Scones

West Glacier_3Aug10_IMG_0301Hiking this year has been sporadic, but the hikes that I have been on have been great. The picture on the left is of the Mendenhall Glacier taken from the West Glacier Trail.

Did a quick 11 mile trip up the Granite Creek Trail yesterday.  It was HOT.  The temperature had to be at least 80, and I definitely felt it.  My heart rate was somewhat higher than normal and my pace was slower.  Also, I was tired at the end.  But, it was beautiful with clear skies for once and very few other people on the trail.  The only negative was the bugs – lots of bugs.  The worst were the biting flies which are not affected by bug spray.  Every time we stopped we were swarmed by the flies, so we rarely stopped, and when we did it was not for a long time.

Some pictures of the hike:

Granite Creek_14Aug2010_IMG_0334 Granite Creek_14Aug2010_IMG_0338 Granite Creek_14Aug2010_IMG_0339

In order to provide us with fuel for the day, I made some Blueberry Scones for breakfast.  Scones_14Aug10_IMG_0308 They were great with just enough sweetness that was not overpowering.  Just wish I had some whipped cream with them!

The recipe for the scones is fairly basic, and start to finish took about 25 minutes.

2 cups flour

2 1/2 teaspoon baking powder

2 tablespoons sugar

1 teaspoon salt

1/4 shortening

1/2 cup milk

1 slightly beaten egg


Combine dry ingredients and cut in shortening.  Add egg to milk.  Add wet ingredients to dry, and mix until just combined (I mix with a fork).  Add a few handfuls of blueberries and kneed a few times until blueberries are integrated.

Form into a circle about 1/2 inch high.


2 tablespoons milk

2 teaspoons sugar

Glaze by brushing the milk over the dough and then sprinkle the sugar over that.

Cut into 8 pie shaped wedges and transfer to baking sheet (I use a Silpat on mine)

Bake at 450 until done, or about 12 – 14 minutes.

Serve hot.

Note:  By eliminating the glaze and cutting the sugar to 1 tablespoon, this recipe makes a great biscuit for biscuits and gravy!


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