Fall Maintenance

RototillOn the left is an image of the GPS track that I took while rototilling part of the garden.  The path you see if 1.23 miles, and it took about an hour and a half to complete.  The area is approximately 65 X 65, and will be expanded another 15 or so feet in the coming weeks in preparation of fall.  I rototilled now to give all of the grass clippings from the lawn a chance to decompose over the Fall and Winter. 

I used my BCS 853 tiller for the first time, and after getting used to how the DSCF1854the tiller felt, which is very different from the BCS mower attachment, it was a fairly easy job, though I was sore the next day.  Even though the machine more or less takes care of itself, it still needs to be guided and man-handled on occasion in order for it to go where I wanted it to till, and especially when turning.  I will more than likely till one or two more times prior to winter.

I also tilled a 100 foot path about 5 feet wide where we will put some of our trees in the Spring.  I have decided not to do a Fall tree planting, as there is a specific nursery that I want to order from, and they only do Spring shipping’s.  They also have a better variety of trees, and I am interested in specific tree varieties, especially apple. 

So far I think we are going to initially plant 4 apples, including two cider specific varieties, one almond, two plum, two apricot, three cherries (both tart and sweet), two nectarine, two peach (maybe), two Asian pear, and maybe two Black Walnut trees. 

We had electricity ran to the barn this week so Misty could set up a ceramics studio.  The electricians put in a new pole, and then ran a line 300 feet underground to the shed.  The studio is in one of the four 40 X 20 foot bays that is enclosed, but has three doors and a window, including a large front bay door that allows you to drive into the bay.

The below are images of Misty pressure washing her area, as well as the rest of the barn.  The barn is 80 X 40 and will also house some animals in the near future.


While Misty and I were working on the barn, Micha did a lot of burning – this is looking from the barn to the side deck:


After a very hard day working outside, this is our view from the side deck:


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