So.. It Begins – Again!

MtJuneau_02Aug09_0284In April, I was notified by Google that my site was a source of malicious code, and that Google was blocking my site from its site searches.  I decided that this was a good time to re-do the site, so I deleted all posts, images, and software from my host.  Basically, I decided to start again, from the beginning.

It has taken me some time to decide in which direction I wanted to take the blog, image gallery, and forum.  Various options came up, such as politics, hiking and other exercise, cooking, politics (and the coming popular uprising), porn, cooking, and others.  Unable to decide on a defined direction, I am of the opinion that this blog, and other site features, will have no direction, and include all of the above mentioned topics and more.  More or less, a blog on what interests me at the time.

In the next few days, I will re-install the image gallery as well as the possible addition of a forum.  I would like to invite readers to email me images of any subject (as long as they are legal!) and I will post those that are interesting for others to view. 

Comments are always welcome, and I hope that you follow the blog, image gallery, and forum as things progress in the future

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