Birds, Snakes, and a Sunset

20Sep13_DSCF1890Almost every day provides us with another beautiful sunset or some type of 20Sep13_DSCF1886amazing cloud formation.  The image on the left is of a sunset a few days ago.  The image on the right is of the same day and time, but looking east instead of southwest. 

I was sitting on the east facing deck a few mornings ago, looking at the golden corn fields mixed with green alfalfa, beet, mint, and onion fields; cows and horses grazing in green pastures, while ducks and chickens quacked and clucked in the background.  I finally realized that this is type of property and scenery that I have always wanted to live in.  It is a beautiful place.

So, Misty was walking back from the barn after we went to the barn to look how the newly installed electricity worked, and she spotted a snake.  We went up to where she was and found that she had discovered a small rattle snake about a foot long.  We took a few pictures and let it be on its way, hopefully to eat a mouse or two.  This is the second snake that I have seen on the property, but I am sure that the first snake was not a rattler.  As long as the snakes stay away from the house, they will be left alone as they have a job to do (eat more mice!).


Last week towards sunset, hundreds of crows landed in the field in front of the house.  I have no idea what they were doing, but it was interesting as they formed a circle in the middle of the field.


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