Smoking and Wine

07Oct13_DSCF1931As I mentioned in a previous post, my ProCom4 is not working properly.  I was going to purchase a new, updated one.  Unfortunately,  the BBQ Guru folks do not know how to respond to email, return phone calls, or answer the phone, so, I purchased a new smoker instead and will use my Bradley for cold smoking.

The image on the left is of the new Cookshack AmeriQue (SM066) in its new home.  When I received it I seasoned it, and then decided to test it with a brisket that we received when we bought our side of beef. 

The brisket was 7 pounds and had very little fat. I found a new rub recipe and put that on the brisket 4 hours prior to smoking.  I put the brisket in the AmeriQue at exactly midnight, along with 5 ounces of hickory.  I set the pit temperature to 220 and the meat probe to 190, and went to sleep.  The next morning (5:00 AM actually) I set the pit to 225.  The brisket reached 190 at 4:00 PM, at which time I wrapped it in foil along with 1.5 cups of home made beef stock, and then wrapped that in towels.  We ate at 7:00 PM.

I am really not a fan of brisket.  They are OK, just not really my favorite thing to smoke.  However, this brisket was excellently great.  I have never has a brisket as tender, including the burnt ends, and moist, and so full of flavor.  It is my opinion that it was the operation of the smoker and not necessarily the meat that made this such a great meal.  We used the rest of the meat in tacos, with rice, and by itself. 

I will not post the brisket run recipe as I really did not like the rub that much.  It was an OK recipe, just not great.  In the future I will return to the basics of salt, pepper, and maybe some form of chili for a hint of heat.

Below are a few pictures of the brisket, from start to finish:


While the smoker was cooking the brisket, I bottled 29.5 bottles of Merlot, prepared the grain for my next brew session, and while bottling my wine, looked upon this scene from the garage:


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