Woodpeckers and Chickens

26Oct13_DSCF2018One of the things we have a lot of here are birds – lots of birds, including woodpeckers.  We have seen several woodpeckers, but they always stayed in the trees and left the buildings alone.  However, it seems that this may be the overwintering grounds for other larger woodpeckers that have taken a liking to our shed.

We noticed when buying the property that the enclosed portion of the shed had patched woodpecker holes, so this has been a continuing issue.  One morning Misty21Oct13_DSCF2002 noticed birds in her studio, so we took a look and found three woodpeckers.  They had pecked a new hole in the wall.  We decided it was time to resolve the issue of woodpeckers breaking into the shed, and it seems we have been successful so far.  The image on the right is of Micha making a woodpecker barrier.

The first thing we tried was spray foam, but this lasted only a day, as they found cracks where the foam had not reached and pecked away until a new entrance was formed.  The next morning we went to the store for more foam, but I though that a better solution would be chicken wire and wood.  What we (Micha) did was put plywood from pallets against the wall and covered it with chicken wire.  We made sure that all of the cracks and corners were covered with wire, and so far it has worked.  The birds can peck away and make a hole, but cannot get through the wire.  If for some reason this does not work – they will die. 

Next Spring we will need to work on eliminating the pigeons.

So, I am building a chicken coop, finally.  I have two sets of plans and am taking the best ideas from each set 26Oct13_DSCF2016to build to coop.  At this time, the coop will be 8’ X 4’, and be a bit over 8 feet tall.  I wanted a shorter coop, but think the height will be better during the summer.  I finished the floor and part of a wall, but am waiting until the first week of November to finish it, as things got a bit busy lately.  The coop will be good for 8 chickens, and I will post pictures and the coop progresses

Now I just need to figure out where I want to put it.

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