A New Beer–Smoked Porter

23Oct13_DSCF2007I have made smoked porters before, but I have never smoked my own grain, nor have I used such a high percentage of smoked grain as I did in the beer below.  My past smoked porters were rather simple beers, with s moderate percentage of smoked grains.  However, they have always been intensely smoky, often times reminding me of sitting around a camp fire drinking a good beer.  Since the smoke generator for my Bradley is still working, and is my dedicated cold smoker, I thought I would give it a try.

To smoke the grains, I took 3.5 pounds of 2-row, and 1.5 pounds of Belgian Pilsner, and placed them on parchment paper that I molded to the smoking racks.  I lightly sprayed the grains with water, and placed them in the smoker with 2 hours of cherry and one hour of oak.  I turned the grains every hour, and sprayed more water on them midway through the smoke.  I also left the vent wide open to 23Oct13_DSCF2011keep the temperatures below 95 degrees.  I pulled the grains at 3.5 hours, as there was still wood left, left the grains to cool on the racks, then sealed them in zip-lock bags for two days.  When I opened the grains to brew the beer, the smell was wonderful.  I am looking forward to this beer.

The recipe was another recipe I found on homebrewtalk.com, though I did change the recipe slightly by adding 0.5 pounds of flaked wheat.

My last brew saw a poor efficiency of 69.4%, but I was back on track this time, though a bit high at 85.1%.   I did a 90 minute boil due to the Belgian Pilsner used in the smoked malt mix.

Recipe – Smoked Porter:

Boil Size: 6.75 gallons
Batch Size:  5.50 gallons
IBU’s:  24.7


45.5% – 5 lbs. Smoked Malt (3.5 pounds 2-Row, 1.5 pounds Belgian Pilsner)
27.3% – 3 lbs. Munich Malt
9.1% – 1 lbs. Cara-Pils
6.8% – 12 oz. Crystal Malt – 40L
9.1% – 12 oz. Chocolate Malt (350 SRM) 
4.5% – 8 oz.  Flaked Wheat.


0.75 oz. – Williamette (pellet – 12.5 IBU’s) – 60 minutes 
0.50 oz. – Northern Brewer (pellet – – 12.1 IBU’s) – 30 minutes


1 pk. – Irish Ale (Wyeast Labs 1084) – 2 L Starter

This was a fairly easy brew compared to my last two, and I was quite pleased with the way things went. The wort tasted quite good, and was bubbling away 4 hours after yeast was pitched.

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