10Barrel_012014_DSCN0334We went to a local Boise brewery (10-Barrel Brewery) to sample some beer and to have lunch. While the lunch and service was good, the beer was a bit lacking.  With a couple of exceptions, of the 20 samples we had, I found that the beer had very little to no body, a strange aftertaste, and simply not to my liking.  I am sure that there are many people that enjoy this type of beer, just not me.  Then again, many of my beers, especially the stouts and porters, are thick and chewy.  Of course, I am not a beer expert – but I know what I like and what I do not like, and I did not really enjoy their beer. 

So…I once again set out to brew another beer – my 9th Idaho brew.  This time I went back to another favorite, the Amarillo IPA.  The source for this recipe, an extract, can be found here, at

I changed the recipe a bit from previous brews to take into consideration ingredients that I was lacking, and ingredients I wanted to get rid of.  So, a bit of 2-row replaced some Pilsner and I had 10 ounces of Cara-Pils that I wanted to use.  I also changed the hop schedule a bit from previous iterations of this brew.  With the exception of the 80 minute addition, all hops were whole leaf, and the garage smelled wonderfully of citrus during the brewing process.  This IPA is in the computer room completing its fermentation and is coming along nicely. 

Recipe: The Bearded Hen Amarillo IPA14Jan14_DSCN0337

Boil Size: 7 gallons
Batch Size: 5.5 Gallons
Boil time: 90 Minutes
SRM: 7.2
IBU’s: 74.4


86.1% – 11 lbs. Pilsner – German 
5.0% – 10.2 oz. Cara-Pils 
5% – 10.2 oz. Crystal – 40L
3.9% – 8.0 oz. Pale Malt – 2-Row


1.50 oz. – Amarillo  – 80 Minutes
1.25 oz. – Amarillo  – 15 Minutes 
1.25 oz. – Amarillo – 5 Minutes
1.0 oz.  – Amarillo  – 0 Minutes 
1.0 oz.  – Amarillo  – Dry Hop – 7 Days


1/2 tsp. – Irish Moss– 10 Minutes


1 pk. – Wyeast Labs #1056 – American Ale – No starter this time

One item that made brewing this beer enjoyable, was the new addition to the garage – we had a sink put in, and it makes brewing and other things way more enjoyable than using a hose in the driveway.  The plumbing company (C R Higer in Caldwell) did great work with two very pleasant plumbers, and came in a whopping .60 cents over their estimate.  I will definitely use them again.


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