Meat and Bread

Meet_28Aug10_IMG_0401Nothing like a picture of raw meat in a blog.  What this actually is is freshly ground chuck that I ground using an attachment for my Kitchen Aid.  I have had the grinding attachment for years, and used it once to make sausage, which was not that good.  A few months ago I thought it would be interesting to grind my own hamburger meat so I would know exactly what I was eating.  So, I purchased a chuck roast and ground it last Friday. 

All that I can say is that it was the best hamburger that I have ever eaten.  The taste was excellent and fresh, and the texture was very pleasant.  Not chewy, but not soft or mushy.  Just a nice consistency that even my wife, who is not really a meat person, commented on.  It is my intention to grind my own burger meat from now on.  I intent on trying different cuts of meat, and blend them when I can.  Thinking of maybe taking a New York steak or two and making some good burgers this weekend. 

As mentioned in an earlier post, I like to make my own bread, and I also now grind wheat for whole wheat bread flour.  My loafs are now entirely whole wheat flour, with a little barley flour, sesame, poppy, sun flower, and caraway seeds, as well as salt, honey, olive oil, and of course, yeast.  The bread is becoming so easy to make that I do not even measure, just add ingredients until it looks right. 

The loafs are heavy and dense, but also light in a way that makes them pleasant to eat.  Below is a strange picture of this weeks loaf, as well as the mini-loaf (which is a bit undercooked) that is always the first to go, and some rising dough.  The bumps in the baked loaf are all of the sunflower seeds. 

Bread_28Aug10_IMG_0408 Bread_28Aug10_IMG_0421Bread_28Aug10_IMG_0425

In other news, the hot pepper wine is in the secondary and is clearing a bit.  It has the color that reminds me of pineapple juice, so it should clear to a sort of off yellow.  I tasted it last week and it was very hot, with a sweetness that must come from the peppers, because it fermented dry, so the sweetness is not from the sugars.  I think it is going to be good.

I plan on bottling both the Blueberry Wine and the Blueberry Mead this weekend.  They could bulk age for another 6-plus months, but I need the table space for other wines an beers.  I now am resorting to using the floor to hold aging and fermenting items. 

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