It Begins–Again!

GardenPlan_2015Once again, it is time to start the garden. On the left is a rather poor quality image of my garden design that was done in Garden Planner.  This is the second year I have used Garden Planner in Idaho, and I do enjoy it a bit better than paper and pencil for planning the garden each year.  There are some limitations, such as print quality, but overall it is an easy product to use, especially when changing plans.

The start to the gardening season was delayed by about a month, mainly due to the kids at school donating their various toxic germs to me.  But, things are starting to move along, and with the long growing season here, I have no doubt that we will once again produce more food than we need. 

Last year, I used soaker hoses for irrigation, but the hoses did a very poor job, with some areas receiving very little water, and some areas becoming flooded with water running into the furrows.  This year I amusing a Garden_2015_1ribbon system that has little slits every 8 inches to let the water drip out.  So far, the product is working amazingly well, and cutting my watering time down by at least half.  We will see what happens then things start growing, but the drip system has been watering the garlic and onions for the past month with no problems. 

The image on the right is of the garlic (6 different varieties) that I planted last fall, and the onions that we transplanted after cleaning up the garden last year.  The onions were hidden in the Tomato plants, and were very small, so I decided to try to over-winter them to see if they would grow. 

In the furrow you can see strips of cardboard.  We are in the process of lining the entire garden with cardboard and newspaper.  When that is done we will apply a thick layer of alfalfa as mulch.  This is an attempt at improving the soil, as well as using less water and having cooler soil temperatures during the summer heat.

The plant count so far is:

180 heads of garlic
200+ onion plants
144 corn plants (actually 288 as I always grow 2 plants per hole)
150 potato plants (3 varieties)
66 feet of sugar snap peas
150 or so carrots

I will be planting the cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, melons, pumpkins and watermelon this weekend.  I plan on growing the cucumbers on a trellis system, and may try to do the same with the melons. 

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