Sourdough Bread


Bread_18Jan11_IMG_0673 It is nice to feel good again! Decided that it was time to make some more bread so I got out a sourdough starter that a neighbor gave us for Christmas.  My daughter had used it to make bread, and was good, so yesterday I got the starter out of the refrigerator and prepared it for today.  The recipe is basically the starter, unbleached white flour, salt and water, which is an unusual recipe for me, as I rarely use white flour for bread.  I usually grind my own wheat for my bread, and add other grains and seeds – see this post for an example recipe:  Make your own darn bread!.  This time I figured that I would go simple and see how it turned out.

I am sitting at my desk eating a warm piece of bread and think that it is good bread.  Not great – just good bread.  I could have cooked it for another 3 – 5 minutes, and it is not really that sour of a sourdough.  However, with a good olive oil, it is fine.

A few pics:


Last year I deleted all posts from this blog.  The blog had become political, and I wanted to stay away from that.  However, I am getting the feeling that I should bring back certain political subjects, not as a focus of this blog, but just for general interest.  In fact, to begin, I will post the following in response to idiots on both side of the isle that believe that “The People” in the 2nd amendment is meaningless.


Hope everyone has a nice day.  I get to start testing 250+ kids tomorrow!  I am now hoping for a snow day….

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