Meeting With the Super….

27Jul10_West_Glacier_IMG_0224Had our meeting with the superintendent yesterday afternoon. My position, as it exists now, will not exist after this school year. And, since I am very low on the seniority ladder, I will more than likely be laid off.

Having never been laid off, or fired, in 40 plus years of work, the experience is somewhat strange. But it may provide opportunities that I have never considered.  Wow – maybe I could spend a few years on unemployment and get one of those $1.00 phones with unlimited voce and text – lifeline phones.  The same phones I have to pay $100 for each month.  Maybe being …….. could pay off…..

Tomorrow, I intend to go to the gym for the second time in two months, as I finally feel good enough to do so. Still coughing, but not that badly. Should be nice and sore next week for round 2 of testing. Plan to bottle two 5 gallon batches of beer also.

So, the image upload from my Droid, of my cat, worked. It is not a thumbnail though, but I am leaving it as is. I decided to upload the above image from home, and do this post on my phone at work. Hope the spelling is correct!

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