New Camera

Test_10_Apr_11_DSCF0009Decided I wanted a camera to take hiking and other activities where lugging my D300 was impractical, and something better than my Canon PowerShot SD980 IS (a camera I have never been happy with), l, so I decided to get the new Fujifilm HS20EXR.  A couple of things that I noticed were that the lens was filthy with a smear of grease, and there was dust in the lens tube.  It took about an hour to completely clean the lens, using a quality lens cleaner and a micro-fiber cloth.  The dust in the tube is not evident on images, so I am undecided if I should be concerned and return the camera.  So far however, the two negatives are not that concerning to me.

The images of the chickens in a previous post were the first images taken with the HS20, and I was very satisfied with them.  The detail is good, though the chickens were a bit overexposed ruining some of the feather detail.  That was my fault however.  Today, I decided to use the “SuperMacro” and took a few pictures of my orchids.  The setup was fast since this was a curiosity test more than a accurate test of the cameras capabilities.  Overall, I have to say I am satisfied.  The other picture I took today was on a hike, and it also turned out fine considering it was a cloudy and snowy day, and it was simply a snapshot moment. 

Overall, for a “bridge” camera, the HS20 is doing fine.  As I play with it and figure out the camera, I am sure it will do even better. 


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