Three Crop Ale & Wheat Porter

Beer_10Sep11_DSCF0821I bottled two batches of beer today, for a total of 118 bottles.  The first batch bottled was a Cream Ale, which I brewed the 6th of August.   Measured ABV turned out to be a bit high, at 5.5%, mainly because my efficiency on smaller grain bills is usually in the low to mid 80’s (this one was 79.3%) and I figured the grain bill at 75%.  A sample gracefully licked from the hydrometer tasted quite good.  I did a carb level of 2.9%, because I like bubbles.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I always carb to the highest level that is still within style, or so.

Recipe is a very slightly modified Cream of Three Crops Recipe from


Boil Size: 6.75 gallons
Batch Size:  5.10 gallons
IBU’s:  16.6


36.5% – 3 lbs 9.9 oz. Brewers Malt 2-row
33.3% – 3 lbs 5.5 oz. Belgian Pilsner
20.1% – 2 lbs Flaked Corn
10.1% – 1 lb Flaked Rice (Minute Rice)


1 oz. – Fuggles (pellet – 16.6 IBU’s) – 90 minutes


1 pk – Nottingham (Lallemand)

(Note:  Initially pitched with 2L starter from Wyeast 1338 (European Ale) – no activity after 48 hours.  Repitched with Nottingham)

The below images are of the two beers being racked for bottling, and my high tech bottling station that is in my garage:

Beer_10Sep11_DSCF0804   Beer_10Sep11_DSCF0807   Beer_10Sep11_DSCF0808

My favorite beers are stouts, porters, and IPA’a, with Belgians being quite enjoyable also.  I found a Wheat Porter recipe in Randy Mosher’s book Radical Brewing (p. 151). 


Boil Size: 8 gallons
Batch Size: 5.75 gallons
IBU’s: 22.3


32.8% – 5 lbs Wheat – Red Malt
26.2% – 4 lbs Munich Malt
19.7% – 3 lbs Brewers Malt 2-Row
9.8%  – 1 lb 9 oz. Caramel 40L
4.9%  – 1 lbs Rice Hulls
3.3%  – 8 oz. Oats, Flaked (Toasted)
1.6%  – 4 oz. Black (Patent) Malt
1.6%  – 4 oz. Chocolate (Briess) 350 SRM


0.5 oz. – Northern Brewer (pellet – 13.2 IBU’s) – 120 minutes
0.5 oz. – Northern Brewer (pellet – 4.4 IBU’s) – 10 minutes
   1 oz. – Tettnang (pellet – 4.7 IBU’s) – 10 minutes


1 pk – Wyeast Labs #1332 – Northwest Ale – 2L Starter

This beer was a bit of a mess.  I toasted the oats in a 300 degree oven until they turned a light golden brown (they really smelled good!).  However, I overshot my water and ended up with 8 gallons at boil.  I had to do a 120 minute boil, and then still ended up with 5.75 gallons into the fermenter.  Still ended with a 6.7% ABV, and the sample at bottling tasted great, so things worked out well. 

The Three Crop Ale spent 4 weeks 4 days in the primary, and the Wheat Porter spent 5 weeks in the primary. 30 days in bottle for each prior to sampling.  Next week I will bottle my Abby Weis.  I am in the process of deciding what my next brew will be, but may try a Pumpkin Ale and an oak aged Tripel, since I tend to like a few Tripels on Friday nights.  Oh, and an IPA.

So, how many bottles of beer do I have:  118 from today + 54 Smoked Porter + 56 Hefe + 53 Cream Stout + 45 Gruit + 30 Tripel + 6 IPA (I need to do another IPA!) + 40 Strong Dark Belgian Ale (10.1% ABV ) = 402 bottles on hand.  Wine = 100+ bottles.  

Bottling the Wheat Porter:


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