Juice_11_Sep_11_DSCF0860After a few years considering buying a juicer, I finally purchased a Green Star Elite last week.  I have never really liked, with a few exceptions, any vegetables or fruit, and has subsisted on mainly meat, potatoes, breads, other baked goods,  and protein drinks/shakes/bars.  I have always knew that I needed to change my habits, but found my dislikes for fruits and vegetables stronger than my desire to consume them.  I like some juices, so thought that maybe juicing some vegetables with the few fruit juices that I liked, would turn into a drinkable drink. 

The first thing I juiced was an orange, grapefruit, lemon juice.  Wonderful!  The Green Star Elite produced a thick, creamy juice that tasted as good as the fruit it came from (yes, I like oranges, grapefruit and lemons….).  The pulp produced was quite dry, and the juice production was way more than the juice produced by my Kitchen Aid juicer attachment.  Better tasting too.

My daughter and I then juiced apple juice.  I really dislike eating apples, but like apple juice and cider.  I used three different types of apples and added 1/4 lemon.  When I tasted the juice, it reminded me of many decades ago when my father would take me fishing in California.  We would pass an apple cider stand and get a gallon of cider.  By the time we arrived at the late, the cider would be gone.  The Green Star Elite made an amazing apple cider that was better than what I remember.

Next came the juice I dreaded.  Carrot, celery, apple, orange, lemon, ginger.  When I think of carrot juice, I think of my Polish grandmother chasing me around her three story home in Brooklyn, NY, with a cup of carrot juice in her hand.  My father used to get upset that I would hide and make her find me, but after all, it was carrot juice! 

Anyway, what I surprisingly found was it was good.  Really good.  The carrots, along with the apples and oranges, added sweetness, the celery had a distinctive earthy smell and taste. The ginger added a bit of warmth.  It is really a great breakfast drink to get one’s day started.

My juicing plan is to cut all items for one batch of juice.  One batch equals two pint Mason jars with a bit left over for tasting.  I juice a batch and then bottle it.  I then prepare the next batch, juice, and bottle.  It goes fast this way, and the machine does not get warm.  The juicer juices fast, and I have not seen an excessive amount of foam, just a thin layer on top.  The Mason jars are filled to the top to prevent oxidation, and I make enough juice for only one day. 

Juicer pictures of my daughter and the Green Star Elite:


Actually, juice and nuts are all I have had to eat for the past 4 days.  I am not on a cleanse, diet, juice fast, or any other thing, I simply want to take 30 days and eliminate all cooked, processed, and otherwise unhealthy food from my diet.  Of course, if I loose a few pounds or so, I will not be upset at all.  After the 30 days, if I make it that far, I will evaluate how I feel, and decide what to do next.

As for 4 days of juice:  The first day was fine, the second I was tired, the third day I thought I was going to die when I became very weak and disoriented in the morning right before leaving for work.  It was a really detached feeling that I had never experienced before.  Whether it was from my new eating regime or not I have no idea.  It was just strange. Today however, I feel great with a lot of energy and an unusually clear mind for a rainy day. 

Also today, I added Spirulina to my morning and evening drink, and also some nuts during the day and at night. 


Carrot, Celery, Apple, Orange, Lemon, Ginger Drink:

4 Carrots
4 Celery Stalks
2 Apples
2 Oranges
1 1/2 lemon
1.5 inches Ginger

Note: Eliminate the celery and ginger, and it makes a good drink also!

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