Plans, Plans, and More Plans.


Summer vacation is half over and work begins again in 4 weeks.  A summer filled with hiking, biking, wine making, and other activities is coming to a close.  Actually, a summer filled with those planned activities has not, and probably will not, happen.  Of course my most personally important plan, hiking the Chilkoot Trail, seems to also be something that may not happen this summer.

I am not sure what happened this summer, whether it was the weather, the indecisiveness of our future plans in Juneau regarding moving or not, old age, cosmic rays, or something else, but it was very difficult for us to do anything not related to the garden or the gym.  Even getting the house ready to sell has not happened.  Of course, the garden is the best garden we have produced, but still…..

So, today I have promised myself that I will begin hiking with a new plan of hiking the Chilkoot Trail mid-August.  In order to make this happen, it will mean I need to start getting back into hiking shape starting tomorrow, because though I have been going to the gym regularly, there is a huge difference in gym fitness and hiking fitness.  Additionally, whether or not I do the Chilkoot will also depend on if I change jobs or not, so I am not holding my breath.

If I do manage to get to the Chilkoot this summer, I have decided to sacrifice weight for comfort.  Over the past two years I have attempted to find a light weight pack that I found comfortable carrying 26 – 30 pounds.  I have tried GoLite, Deuter, Granite Gear, and and REI pack.  So far, none of them compares to my favorite pack, the Osprey Crescent 85 (and the Arc’teryx Bora 95 for winter – it can carry my snowshoes strapped to the sides without issue!).  The Crescent 85 quite heavy at ~7 pounds, and is way too large for 30 pounds of gear, but it it sure comfortable when carrying any weight when compared to the other lightweight packs. 

Oh well, only time will tell what happens with the remainder of the summer and my plans for new plans.

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