Beer–Good and Bad

Cream_Ale_8_Oct_11_DSCF0004The image on the right is of a Cream Ale that I brewed on the 6th of August.  The recipe is at this link:  Cream Ale.  This beer turned out good, but not great.  Interestingly, there is a slight Belgian banana taste to the beer.  It may be the corn or the rice, but there is definitely an unexpected taste.  Saying that, it not an unpleasant taste.  The beer is a slight bit sweet and refreshing.  It is over carbed though.  Then again, I like bubbles.

The Wheat Porter that was bottled on the 10th of September and brewed on the 2nd of Wheat_Porter_8_Oct_11_DSCF0009August.  The Porter is undrinkable at this point.  It has not fully carbed and has a serious band-aid taste.  This is my third porter, and all of them have developed a band-aid taste while in the bottle.  The taste ages out, but it is irritating, especially since the taste is not present in ANY of my other beers, including my stouts.  If you can get past the band-aid taste, the beer is good, and I anticipate that my Christmas, this should be a great tasting beer.  I will invert the bottles to hopefully put the yeast back in suspension now that the garage is warmer, though it should not have been a cold issue that causes under carbed bottles. 

Hefeweizen_8_Oct_11_DSCF0008Now, for the Hefeweizen.  This beer was brewed on the 8th of July. I bottled it on the 4th of August, and was letting set for a bit.  The beer was carbed to 3.5 units.  But, like the Wheat Porter, it is under carbed.  The opposite of the other beers, this beer conditioned in my computer room, which is always 65 degrees or warmer.  This under carb issue is something that has happened once before, but that was over a year ago.  That time was due to a sugar miscalculation.  This time the appropriate amounts of sugar (7.9 oz. for the Hefe) were added to both the Porter and the Hefe.  Like the porter, I inverted the beer and will wait another month to see what happens.  It is drinkable as is, as it quite tasty.  However, I do not like to drink a nearly flat beer. 


Now for my IPA – This was, and still is, a great beer.  Boil and dry hops were all Amarillo.  Sadly, I only have 3 bottles left, and am not sure when I will have the chance to brew this beer again, as I still have a list to do before I add new brews to the que. 

Interestingly, I stored three of the IPA’s on their sides in my beer fridge,  Upon opening, half of the beer foamed out.  Not an infection type of geyser, just a gentile foaming.  My remaining three IPS’s will be resting in an upright position until next Friday, when hopefully, they will have quieted down a bit.

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