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I spent the majority of yesterday installing, configuring, and testing (playing with) Gallery 3 and Coppermine.  After all was done, I have decided to once again use Coppermine for an image gallery for this site.  While I enjoyed many of the features of Gallery 3, and was surprised at the ease of installation as compared to other Gallery releases, in the end Coppermine 1.5.6 was my choice.  Improvements over previous versions include mass image uploads, general configuration of categories and albums, as well as  the ease of changing administrative functions.  Gallery 3 is good, just not as good as Coppermine as a stand alone gallery, in my opinion.  I have loaded some low resolution photos in the gallery for testing.

The forum is also online and has several discussion forums available.  These will change over time, but it is a start. 

Now that everything is up and running, I just need to start writing, but am having a very difficult time doing so.  I have a huge number of ideas (and opinions), it is just difficult typing them out.  I had the same problem in my last class (in my PhD program) and barely made all the writings on time.  I will give it a go this weekend, setting a goal of posting 5 times per week in the blog, and daily in the forum in order to get discussion started.

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