The Last of The Garden, and Eggs

Garden_16Oct2011_DSCF0054Our 5 chickens are laying about 2 – 3 eggs per day now.  Two of the chickens have not started laying, but hopefully will start soon.  It is getting darker, so I plan on installing lights in the coop and the run.  The coop light should add a bit of warmth and hopefully keep the coop dry, while the pen light is just to keep the chickens outside and busy, instead of inside the coop all day.

The last vegetables have been harvested from the garden.  The carrots were the last to go, Garden_16Oct2011_DSCF0053and they look great.  It was a good garden this year, with the exception of the potatoes, which had a lot of scab for some reason.   Everything else was fine. 

Planning for next year already, and plan for more carrots, less lettuce, more snow peas with less shelling peas.  While I still plan to plant a cabbage or two, I will plant no more than two.  More Swiss Chard and Kale, and a two week rotation of spinach and baby Bok Choy in order to keep a steady supply of those two vegetables throughout the summer.  Also, the squash will migrate from pots to raised beds again. 

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