Cupcakes, and My Brain!

16Jul2010_IMG_0211I decided to make some cupcakes for my 33 wedding anniversary on Saturday, and settled on the recipe that you see in this image.  They were OK, just not as good as I thought they would be.  On the 1 – 10 scale, they were an 8, and only an 8 because the frosting saved them.  I usually make cupcakes, cakes, and other foods from scratch, but this one included a cake mix with additions.  You could tell it was a mix by both the taste and texture.  Of course, I was a bit spoiled after the cupcakes I made for my wife’s work earlier this week.  They were a solid 10++ out of 10, with a moist, dense, rich chocolate cake, and a beautiful chocolate frosting.  

I really need to work on taking pictures of food.  The majority of them are very poor quality (see above!).  Then again, since I went digital and got away from total manual settings, most of my pictures are not that great.  Something to work on in the future I suppose.

I was at the gym on Friday, doing my regular Friday routing, when I think I broke something in my brain!  Or, at least that is how it felt.  After my squats, I was doing my second set of high-rep, low weight straight leg dead lifts (180 pounds), when on rep 12, I felt a sudden very sharp and intense pain on the top right of my head.  I did rep 13, and needed to stop because of the pain.  I was not dizzy, and suffered no other effects or symptoms other than the pain.  I took a minute to recover, and tried to finish my set.  Didn’t happen!  I could not even lift the bar off the floor because of the pain.  I went home (and ate candy).

On Saturday, I went to the gym to finish the routine that I failed to do on Friday.  I did most of it, but quit because the pain returned.   The pain seemed to build the further along I got into a set, and then partially subside when I was done.  After 30 minutes of this, I had had enough, so I hit the sauna.  Weightlifters (exercise induced) headache? 

The whole experience has been unusual, especially since I feel great (though with a very slight head and ear ache) when I am not exercising.  I may go hiking in the mountains today to see what happens next.  Tomorrow I will again venture into the gym and see what happens.  If the pain returns, I will probably see a doctor, who will charge me hundreds of dollars, and tell me I am fine.  Or…….!

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