Cookies, Bread, and School

Room_23Oct11_DSCF0098This is what my office looks like after the submission of a particularly stressful assignment.  RSH 9102E was not really that difficult, but is was somewhat stressful in that it is important at this level that what I write is accurate and at a PhD writing level.  So far, so good, but next is RSH 9103MME – Mixed Methods Research.  The only positive is that is is possible to recycle what I did, to a point, in 9101E and 9102E.  However, I am changing my research topic as I further refine what I plan to do.  It is fun though, especially every time I receive my grades…..

Cooked some cookies and bread this weekend.  The cookies are the standard raisin-oatmeal cookies off the back of the Quaker Oatmeal box.  I simply added some baking powder to make them a bit better.  The bread is a potato bread that I wanted to try.  It was an excellent bread, for sandwiches, toast, and dipping in olive oil.  I used some of my garden potatoes which actually taste like potatoes.

Usually, I leave my bread dough a bit sticky.  For this recipe I actually followed what was written and weighted all of my ingredients.  This left a dryer dough that was very hard for my Kitchen Aid mixer (which can do 14 cups of flour) to handle.  It actually overheated and shut itself off, so I finished the dough by hand.

Cookies_12November2011_DSCF0123 Cookies_12November2011_DSCF0128 Bread_12November2011_DSCF0132

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