Smoked Chicken

Smoker_13November2011_DSCF0135Smoked two chickens today in preparation (i.e., practice) for Thanksgiving.  Basically, I wanted to make sure that the smoker worked properly, as I will be smoking a 20+ pound turkey for Thanksgiving and my oven is already spoken for.  I wanted to test the smoker, as a few weeks ago the wind blew the shed where the smoker is over, and I was not sure if the smoker or the controller was damaged.  The only problem was that the puck advance button was jammed.  I took the smoker unit apart and cleaned it, but the button still sticks when it is inserted in the smoker unit.  So, it is hanging out of its slot, and it works fine like that. 

The chicken turned out great, as usual.  It was moist, tender, and juicy, with just a light smoke flavor.  Smoke was for 4 hours, with another hour cooking at 210 degrees. 

I did a 3 hour brine of salt, brown sugar, a few bay leafs, and water, with a wet rub consisting of good Italian dressing which contained no sugar or artificial ingredients, olive oil, and minced garlic.  This was to good that I may use the rub recipe on my turkey.   

After the Thanksgiving turkey is smoked, I may smoke a pork butt and a beef roast and then vacuum pack them.  I did this a few months ago with a pork butt, and the meat was great for dinner, especially in tacos. 

Pictures of the chickens in the smoker, resting, and cut:


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