Breakfast Stout

Beer_20November2011_DSCF0878Look! Its my new brew spoon. I really am in need of a mash paddle, but the spoon will have to do for now.

Decided to make a Breakfast Stout this weekend.  Different from my other stouts, this one had 4 ounces of coffee, which I have used in stouts previously, and 4 ounces of chocolate, which I have never used in a beer.  All went well with the exception of transferring to the fermenter.  The chocolate and the coffee managed to plug my racking cane multiple times, so I just ended up pouring everything into the fermenter. The chocolate seemed to bind with the hops and other crud in the bottom of the boil kettle, and was difficult to transfer with out clogging the cane.  I did use a strainer to eliminate as much of the coffee grounds and chocolate as possible, but some of it transferred.  Should not be a problem at all.

I finally bought a stir plate, and went with the one offered by  I also purchased a 2L flask and stir bar.  One issue I has having is that the stir bar was being thrown at higher RPM.  I emailed the company and received a quick response that led to a call from Dan from Stirstarters.  His suggestion seems to solve the problem, so all is well.

The stir plate seems well made, and is really quiet.  I did a starter for my Breakfast Stout, and is was nice  being able  to use half as much DME as is needed with using a gallon jug to make a starter.  Less time also.  Anyway, it is really nice to buy from a company that has great customer service, and I would definitely recommend a stir plate from



On to the recipe:


Boil Size: 7 gallons
Batch Size: 5.5 gallons
IBU’s: 58.4 (IBU’s are incorrect – will correct soon)
Mash temp: 153
Boil Time: 90 minutes


72.1% – 13 lbs. 3.2 oz. Brewers Malt (2 row) 
8.2 % – 1 lbs 8 oz. Flaked Oats
5.5 % – 1 lbs Chocolate Malt (Simpson)
4.1 % – 12 oz. Roasted Barley (500 SRM) 
4.0%  – 11.7 oz. Milk Sugar (Lactose)
3.1 % – 9 oz. Black Barley (500 SRM)
3.1 % – 9 oz. Crystal Malt – 120L


1.00 oz. Nugget – (pellet – 12.2 IBU’s) – 90 Minutes
1.00 oz. Styrian Goldings – (pellet – 3.5 IBU’s) – 30 Minutes
1.00 oz. Styrian Goldings – (pellet – 3.5 IBU’s) – 2 Minutes


2 oz. Sumatran Coffee – Ground – Flameout 
2 oz. Kona Coffee – Ground – Flameout 
2 oz.  Unsweetened Chocolate – Flameout
2 oz.  Valrhona* Cocoa Powder – Flameout


1 pkg – Wyeast Labs #1056 – American Ale – 1600 mL Starter

*Valrhona Cocoa Powder is one of the best cocoa powders I have used for baking.  Available at

One negative is that my efficiency was only 68%.  I am usually in the 75% range. I also ended up with about .30 gallons more liquid in the fermenter than I wanted. But, I think that the brew can handle it fine, and will lower the ABV to something more pleasant.  Cooled and placed in fermenter.  Pitched yeast at 65 degrees.  As always, plan a 30 day primary.

In other news – now getting 4 eggs a day from my 5 chickens.  And, I bought a new laptop – finally!  Oh, and RSH9103MME starts tomorrow…….

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