Snow Chickens

Chickens_23Nov11_DSCF0895Had an unusual snow in mid-November. Chickens have survived well, and even with no heat of any kind, are producing eggs (and of course, fertilizer) at a nice pace.  The five chickens have gone from 2 – 3 eggs per day, to 3 – 4 eggs per day.  On Thanksgiving day, they managed to lay five eggs, one for each chicken.  Whether or not that had anything to do with the fact that there was a relative (i.e., a big turkey) smoking away in the smoker is unknown, but I am happy that they have all figured out their purpose in life. 

The picture to the right is of the eggs.  It is difficult to capture the true colors of the eggs, but the dark egg is from the Black Copper Marans, and is the color of chocolate.  Very dark and eggs_24Nov11_DSCF0931large.  The eggs are arranged from lightest to darkest, and every one is a different color and shade.

I have been feeding the chickens quite a bit more scraps, especially spent beer grains from brewing.  I did not realize that I have been feeding them coffee grounds and chocolate from my Breakfast Stout, but they really like it, and it does no harm to the chickens.  I have also been mixing Minute Rice that was left over from a previous brew also.

A picture of the coop and pen as it is snowing on the 23rd of November, 2011:


Interestingly, if I place a picture at the end of a post without adding at paragraph of text, the picture migrates into the next post.  I suppose I could a few <p>’s in the source, but that is not as interesting as typing worthless text.  Sort of reminds me of a few of my latest assignments. 

Two more lines and it is aligned.

Hopefully anyway.

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