It Is Porter Time

Beer_4Dec11_DSCF0968I did a post on the 8th of October where I reviewed a Wheat Porter that I sampled, remarking about how bad it tasted.  My remarks included the issue of the severe band-aid taste that the porter had, making the brew undrinkable.  I mentioned that I was going to let the beer sit for a month and re-sample.  I had my sample over the weekend, and it was wonderful, though a bit unusual because of the wheat.  Very drinkable with a nice head, and carbed the way I like.  The band-aid taste is gone, as usual when I let my porters sit. 

Did a Robust Porter last Saturday. Actually, it is more of a “look at what I have left over and use it” Porter.  I did not have several of the grains that I used in the previous version of this beer, but I do not want to buy any additional grains until I finish what I have.  The same goes for hops.  So, I mixed and matched, and substituted grain and hops, and hopefully will have a good finished dark beer. 

I mashed at 156, did a batch sparge, and went with a 80 minute boil.  The Fuggles were about a year old and in an opened package -I just wanted to use them.  Managed an 83.5% efficiency on this one, which is a bit higher than I have been getting recently.  The more I consider it, the more I don’t even know if this is a porter anymore, but when transferring to the primary, it was very nice tasting.  Should be good, and since I made it I can name it.

Recipe:  Bearded Hen Coop Scraps Robust Porter

Boil Size:  7 gallons
Barth Size:  5.5 Gallons
IBU’s:  35.4


59.7% – 8 lbs. Pale Malt (2 Row)
14.9% – 2 lbs. Munich Malt
7.5% – 1 lb. Flaked Oats
4.2% – 9.0 oz. Carafa II 
4.2% – 8.0 oz. Black Patent Malt
2.8% – 6.1 oz. Crystal Malt – 80L
2.8% – 6.1 oz. Crystal Malt – 20L
1.4% – 3.0 oz. Special B Malt
1.0% – 2.1 oz. Crystal Malt – 120L


1.0 oz. – Styrian Goldings (pellet – 28.9 IBU’s) – 80 Minutes 
1.0 oz. – Styrian Goldings (pellet –10.8 IBU’s) – 20 Minutes
.40 oz. – Fuggles (pellet – 5.7 IBU’s) – 50 Minutes


1  Cup – Malto-Dextrine – 20 Minutes
3.5 oz. – Milk Sugar (Lactose) – 10 Minutes
1/2 tsp. – Irish Moss– 10 Minutes 


1 pk – Wyeast Labs #1028 – London Ale – 1600 ml Starter – Stir Plate

Next up is an IPA made with Pilsner, Crystal 40L, Amarillo Hops, and Wyeast #1056 – American Ale. 

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