Bearded Hen German/Belgian/American Amarillo IPA

Beer_09Dec11_DSCF0982It is a long name for a beer, but in a way, it fits.  Because of an accidental double order, I have about 100 pounds of German and Belgian Pilsner in storage, and I thought that it was time to use them.  While the grains are still in great condition because of the cool, dry storage conditions, they are a year old.  So, for the next few beers, I will be substituting Pilsner for regular brewers 2-row.   

This IPA is one of my favorites.  I have brewed it two times in the past, and have always found it easy to drink.  The beer is not too bitter, and has a hint of grapefruit/citrus.  The first time I brewed this beer I use whole hops.  The entire house smelled like grapefruit; basically, like a citrus orchard.  The past two times I have used pellets, and the aroma has been disappointing.  The pellets simply have not had the beautiful Amarillo aroma that the whole hops had.  The taste is similar, just not the same.  If I brew this again, I will use whole leaf hops. 

Recipe: Bearded Hen German/Belgian/American Amarillo IPA

Boil Size: 7 gallons
Batch Size: 5.5 Gallons
Boil time: 90 Minutes
SRM: 6.4
IBU’s: 69.0


51.9% – 7 lbs. Pilsner – German 
44.4% – 6 lbs. Pilsner – Belgian 
3.7% – 8 oz. Crystal – 40L


2.0 oz. – Amarillo (pellet – 49.7 IBU’s) – 70 Minutes
1.0 oz. – Amarillo (pellet –14.6 IBU’s) – 20 Minutes 
1.0 oz. – Amarillo (pellet – 4.8 IBU’s) – 5 Minutes
1.0 oz. – Amarillo (pellet – 0 IBU’s) – 0 Minutes 
1.0 oz. – Amarillo (pellet – 0 IBU’s) – Dry Hop – 7 Days


1/2 tsp. – Irish Moss– 10 Minutes


1 pk – Wyeast Labs #1332 – Northwest Ale – 1600 ml Starter – Stir Plate

No problems with this brew – hit my numbers spot on with my usual 75% efficiency.  What is nice is that for the Beer_09Dec11_DSCF0971last few months, I have hit my mash temps and my post boil volumes exactly.  It took a while, but they are finally there.  Now, if I can just figure out how to carb consistently.  I am not sure if it my cool garage temperatures, or something else, but some beers are over carbed, some fine, and some way undercarbed.  My Hefe, carbed to 3.5 volumes, is almost uncarbed.  My sugar measurements are exact, so the carbonation is my next project.

As usual, spent grains going into the freezer for the chickens. 

Egg count for last week – 33 eggs!  Not bad for 5 chickens.

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