Christmas Treats

Christmas_2011_DSCF0997Just some images of some of the treats I made for Christmas. We gave most of them away, but we did manage to eat out share.

Made two types of Chex Mix.  One of the batches was an old recipe from my mom that is labeled “Mexican Tidbits”.  It is a bit more salty and spicy, and is my favorite Chex Mix type treat.  When I was overseas, my mother would always send some in my care packages.  I also made a “regular” batch, though I do vary the ingredients, using all three types of Chex cereal, along with a few extras.  I also leave out a thing or two.  Christmas_2011_DSCF1031

I also made two types of caramel corn.  One of the recipes was simply caramel corn with pecans, while the other batch was coated with milk and white chocolate.  The chocolate coated caramel corn was simply great.  It will be my standard caramel corn in the future, though the regular corn is also very good. 


I have tried walnuts and almonds in caramel corn, but I prefer pecans.  Walnuts are sometimes a bit too bitter, and almonds are too hard.  The pecans are usually soft and sweet; a perfect match for the caramel corn.

One last treat was date nut bread – again two batches, but both batches were the same. 

With the above, we constructed gift packages that also included home made Merlot wine, home brewed beer, and fresh eggs from our five chickens.  Overall, I went through over 4 pounds of butter, and about 2 pounds of brown sugar.Christmas_2011_DSCF1047

Happy New Year!

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